January 2017 Weekend Rundown

Country Fried Steak with sausage gravy at Pann’s. Of course it’s washed down with 2 scrambled eggs, hash browns and a biscuit (though you could get toast) all for $13.55.

For the breakfast version of the steak, you get choice of two: eggs, hash browns, grits, steamed rice, country potatoes, fresh fruit or “delightful prunes in syrup” PLUS toast or a biscuit.

Texture of the coating on the steak was great (as you’d expect from a place that serves great fried chicken). Gravy wasn’t too sausagy OR peppery. Maybe needed a touch of salt.

Place was busy on a Saturday at 2:00pm.


Hi @Gr8pimpin,

Thanks for the report on Pann’s Country Fried Steak. Looks delicious. :slight_smile: But you forgot to order their Patty Melt for an “appetizer”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Funny. You must be psychic!! I sat there for probably 15 minutes wavering, trying to decide between the patty melt or the fried steak… But the kid begged me to get the steak so he could have some!!

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Wax Paper

Italian :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: love the sesame bread and basically everything about this sandwich

Roast pork

Root vegetables


King’s Hawaiian


Gwang Yang :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yeah, the bread is indeed commercial. It’s not too much of a problem for me if it’s dressed with oil and vinegar. The subs from Claro’s aren’t artisanal, but if done right, they satisfy my craving for an old-school Italian deli sandwich.

Thursday - Here’s Looking at You - even better than my first visit (which rocked).
Really loved it all:

Momotoro Tomato with crumbled Chinese Sausage

Soft Shell Shrimp

Duck Breast with Mole and Pears

Fried White Trout, hummus

Friday - Petrossian (DineLA menu)

Sat - Best Noodle House

Sunday (Lunch) - Dune in Atwater Village -Great falafel

Great weekend, other than two very disappointing football games.


Finally made it into Recess Room in Fountain Valley. They have their liquor license, and they’re doing some pretty great things there.

The blue crab beignets were light and full of crab. Not at all greasy, nor were they too bready. I would order this again in a heartbeat.

Asparagus salad with burrata, prosciutto, and pomegranate could have used a touch more salt but was also very good.

“Doritos” were fried chicken skins with a white miso corn porridge. Very crispy skins with great flavor. The corn porridge was a little sweet for my taste, but still very good.

We ended with the double decker tacos, which had tiger shrimp, pepperjack, cotija, cilantro lime slaw, avocado crema, diablo sauce. A lot going on, but it worked really well. This and the beignets were my favorites for the night. The diablo sauce packed a nice, spicy punch.

We’ll definitely be back. The service we had was great. I can’t wait to try the pig head!

The cocktails we tried were also interesting and well executed.

The Recess Room
18380 Brookhurst Street
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 377-0398


Recently heard about his place from a non foodie source and was wondering what it was like. Looks at least kind of interesting.

Kind of curious what prices are like for these plates?

Looks good!

@Aesthete, they’ve prices on their website: The Recess Room

Ah my bad.

Not too horribly priced.

I wonder if they really use akuashi beef in their burger. Seems like a sort of odd choice.

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Their Twitter post was incredibly vague, I wonder how you are supposed to get the Eventbrite link?

Their plan for Duck Duck Geuze was to announce the date/time of the sale on various social media outlets (which they did a week or two before the sale) then post the actual link when the sale went live. (Which ultimately did not work since they used a sales platform that was not up to the rush of sales)

Now that they seem to be set on Eventbrite, just check back on their twitter feed this week and you should see when the sales begin. Its a pain in the ass but no risk of lining up and still walking away empty handed.

I hate Twitter, hopefully they announce on Instagram. Fingers crossed.

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I think their announcements get cross posted on twitter, fb and Instagram. I stopped following them on all but fb due to redundancy.

Be prepared to be required to head to the brewery at a specified pickup time under threat of forfeiture.

ETA: from The Full Pint “While draft will be available throughout the Lost Abbey Distribution network, Bottles of Cuvee de Tomme will be sold exclusively online using Eventbrite. Bottles will be limited to 4 per person at $41 a bottle plus applicable taxes and fees,with the on-sale beginning at Noon (PST) on February 1st. Bottle pickups will begin on February 24th through February 26th at The Lost Abbey Tasting Room in San Marcos, during regular business hours.”

Our total bill for all the above plus four cocktails (we ordered five, but one was comped because the bartender felt I waited too long for it) was +/-$125 before tip. I thought it was pretty reasonable for what we got.

I work a mile from there! gonna have to stop by soon. too bad they don’t have a happy hour. it would be perfect for a quick bite and a drink after work.

It is too bad, but that alone won’t stop me from going. It’s only a couple of miles from my house, so it’s a slam dunk for me.

I’m not typically a fancy cocktail guy, but they’ve got some interesting drinks on the menu.

I wanted to pick up something special for my mom today. Usually I get her a box of wagashi from the J.Sweets at the Torrance branch of Mitsuwa, but I decided to break out of my rut and go to Chikara Mochi. @Chowseeker1999 reminded me of them when he/she went on a wagashi taste test. I don’t know why I hadn’t visited Chikara before, especially since I used to take craft lessons on that block for so many years…

The exterior of Chikara Mochi was very traditional and made me nostalgic for Japan. The staff was very efficient and friendly. I ended up getting a dozen wagashi for my mom, and I also got a small sampler for myself. The mitarashi dango (rice cake balls with a sweet soy sauce glaze) wasn’t really crave-worthy. The coffee mochi, though untraditional, was better, as the koshian (sweet black bean filling) was offset by coffee and almonds. I was pretty dubious of this one, but it was highly recommended by the cashier.

In any case, I hope my mom likes her box of wagashi. I knew of Chikara’s reputation of artistry over taste, and it proved to be true, but they are mini masterpieces to behold. And most of the wagashi are only $1.60 per piece! It takes some serious artistry to make wagashi by hand. Next time I’ll have to try Sakuraya.

I’ve been craving Ethiopian food something fierce, so I drove over to Azla Vegan and had a nice chat with the owner, Nes. She was reminiscing about her recent trip to Tokyo, so I shared a few pieces of wagashi with her. I ended up ordering the four-item plate with injera, collards, red lentils, and stewed potatoes, carrots, and cabbage. It really hit the spot in terms of comfort food, and I love that their food is a bit lighter, so I don’t feel weighed down.


Hi @MaladyNelson,

Nice report! :slight_smile: So glad you made it out to Chikara. So what did you think of it compared to Sakura? :slight_smile:

How’s Azla compared to some of the other Little Ethiopian places? :slight_smile:

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Well, thanks to you @Chowseeker1999 I did make it out to Chikara, after overdosing on some Loco Moco at Bob’s down the street, and their kuri manju really hit the spot. Nice gentle and subtle sweetness from the chestnuts.