Petrossian DineLA - Great food, great deal

Had a terrific meal on Friday night.
Quite a HUGE amount of food and choices on their DineLA menu.
The Smoked Fish plate was truly amazing: 2 types of Salmon, Sardine, White Fish, and something else I don’t recall. I am not an authority by any means - I rarely eat smoked fish - and would love to know how it compares to Gjusta’s offerings which get so much praise around here.

Huge Blue Crab Salad was fantastic.

Braised Octopus Risotto - loved this. Saffron City!

Bone Marrow with Caviar and Uni (cauliflower cream, capers, tarragon)


is that bone marrow for two or one?

Thanks for posting this. That risotto looks killer.

Looking at their regular and DineLA menu, looks like some really good values can be had. For example, the foie gras torchon is $32 so if it’s the same dish on the DineLA menu, that means you’re getting another dish + dessert for $17. For an even better deal, the smoked fish platter on their regular menu is $40. Not sure if it’s the same portion though on the DineLA menu.

I’m going to try to make it here before DineLA is over.

I was concerned that the portions would be smaller given the pricing but our server told us the DineLA portions are as big or in most cases bigger than usual, and that the chef was “going all out” for DineLA. The smoked fish in particular was a ginormous portion, not even considering the price.

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For one: it was one of the two dishes, + dessert, you get for your 49 bucks.

This place always makes me proud and sad. First the Armenian name… fine French cuisine… proud! Then sad about memories of childhood growing up on the Caspian sea and constantly having kilos of Caspian Beluga Caviar in the fridge. I swear my mother gave some away to a homeless man once, a memory i can’t forget, him licking it off the saucer.

Booked a rez based on this thread


Bc caspian caviar was basically worthless back then ?

No, just cheap because we were in the place where it was produced and there was a lot of black market caviar available cheap. There was always poaching but it was curbed during the USSR. Then 10 years after the falling apart of the union I heard a stat that only 5% of the Caspian sturgeon stock remained. That was 15 years ago, so I can’t imagine there are more than 5 fish in there now.

A great meal!

Smoked Fish

I couldn’t remember either and just called. The white fish at 3 o’clock (?) is black cod. Those are huge caper berry garnishes.

Crispy Pork Belly w/Soft Scrambled Eggs, Pommes Paille, Brussels Leaves & Caviar

Hubby loved it.

There were four of us, so we tried a bit of everything. I can vouch for the Octopus and the Bone Marrow dishes. Both were fantastic.

I broke my rule and had the Foie Gras Torchon… Worth it!

Our after dinner courses were Cheese Plates & Chocolate Mousse dessert. If anyone has the Citrus Tart please report back.

Note: They also have a whole Dine/LA Caviar Menu.

[quote=“PorkyBelly, post:2, topic:4996, full:true”]
is that bone marrow for two or one?
[/quote]Everything was enough to share.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures, because of lighting. Plus we were having such a good time. Great company! Oh and too much vodka. I have discovered Beluga Vodka (Russian of course) and am in love :heart:.

Happy Dine/LA!


what’s your rule? Not to eat foie gras?

Oh okay. Not a rule anymore. I eat Foie!

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Good rule.

The plate looks a little dinkier than it was: there was a lot of fish.

Very true. I almost didn’t post pictures. Because of the lighting the pictures don’t do the meal justice. The smoked fish platter was big, enough for four. IIRC, we couldn’t finish.

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Made res for Wed night.


The cookie, how was foie torch ? No pictures ?

[quote=“Funtimes, post:16, topic:4996”]
No pictures?
[/quote]I know right? I was too busy yapping. Here’s a Yelp pic.

Ours was straight-up foie gras - no truffle, no pistachio - with just a dollop of french mulberry jam & a little arugula. It was creamy & delicious!

was it the same portion as the one pictured?

It’s hard to tell because I didn’t take that picture. It’s about the same, plus the mulberry jam. Ask for a little extra jam. I thought it was a good compliment.

I’m a little worried about you going. I read your Spago report. I haven’t been to their dine/LA. But I might be slightly easier to please :relieved:.

haha did you think i was being overly critical with Spago?

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