Petrossian DineLA - Great food, great deal

I wouldn’t exactly say overly critical. How about exacting? But then again, it was your experience. I might feel the same way about Spago’s dine/LA. When I went after a long absence I had the same thought “Is this place still relevant food wise?” But I was pleasantly surprised.

Who’s the Chef there now? (Chef Giselle left Petrossian a while back to cook at Pacific Standard in San Diego)

Can’t recall other than it was a guy.

Not THE guy (Sergio), right?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Had an awesome dinner last night. Service was fantastic and the portions very generous.

Smoked fish plate consisted of cod, halibut, and salmon three ways. I haven’t had the smoked fishes from Gjusta, but these were some of the best.

Foie Gras torchon. As you can see, only two medallions compared to the 3 pictured above from their regular menu. Was still delicious and plenty for the two of us.

Bone marrow. This was the only slight disappointment. There just wasn’t much marrow on the bones and it was a bit on the bland side. The uni tasted really fresh though.

Spanish Octopus risotto. Incredibly tender octopus and generous portion!


Oh thank goodness. :relaxed: So glad you liked it!

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