April 2017 Weekend Rundown

sounds like the yuck was on point


Have you tried the Posideon tostada at Mariscos Jalisco? It is really good. Probably the next best thing you can get.

If you haven’t already check out Mariscos Tocho in Watts on the weekend.

Owner Raul at Mariscos Jalisco is a nice guy to talk with when you have a chance. On my visit I just missed one of his regulars, some guy name Wes from some Gorilla truck or something.



Yes! Poseidon is the move, but we had grand plans for the day and so I didn’t want to load up too much at stop #1.
Didn’t chat up Raul, but good to hear he’s a good guy and good to hear Wes knows what’s up.
Will try Tocho soon. Thanks.

speaking of Petrossian, has anyone been lately? If so, any good?

It was wonderful during dinela


They say we’re supposed to drink this stuff on National Beer Day (April 7th). Alrighty then, if we must…


$1.79 Fridays


I gave up salads for lent


Cream Pan strawberry croissants because I was in the nieghborhood…I inhale those things…three or four disappear before I even notice it.


Glad to finally find some good koobideh in Torrance. Nice and juicy and seasoned well. This was from Seaside Market (not to be confused with Seaside Palace, a Persian restaurant also in Torrance) which is a Persian/Middle Eastern market but also has hot food like gheimei, fesenjan, etc.

Seaside Market
3801 PCH
Torrance. 90505.


Some snacks at MB Post.


I found out yesterday that it takes me 150 seconds to eat a McDouble. The shame lasts much longer.


My friend visiting from Japan requested breakfast out this morning, so we went to my neighborhood favorite Panns. While we will miss the Googie World Expo later today, my friend got a taste of googie architecture and a hearty American breakfast. Waffle, eggs, and bacon for her. Catfish, eggs, a biscuit, and fruit for me. Sat at the counter and had wonderful service. Never an empty coffee mug.


Happy Passover!


Tried a pizza at the new neopolitan place at Pacific City in HB today, Il Barone Sicilian Street Food. Thought a bianca would be pleasant to try as I typically enjoy the type of pie (Mozza’s bianca for example or, obviously Bianco’s out in AZ).

I am not real sure if they know what they’re doing here as they said that you can’t put sage leaves on the pizza or else they burn…but since Mozza does it just fine, it seems like that can’t be true?

Anyhow, they blast the thing with rosemary and sage oil + gorgonzola, fontina, and mozz. The cheese blend is pretty funky and actually comes out alright. The amount of oil is really intense, though lol

Kind of like ultra-greasy pizza. I guess it was ok. Not sure if the center was soupy, or it was just soaked in oil. The crust itself was fairly lightly cooked, not terrible, but not a ton of chew to it. It felt most like eating a grilled cheese sandwich than a pizza if that makes any sense at all hah.

On Grubhub the pizza is listed as $12, but in reality it’s $14 + $1.09 tax; so $17 with tip, not super expensive, not going to knock any socks off I guess. I mean, probably should just drive to Settebello, but it’s literally right next to a coffee counter I frequent, so I figured I would give it a go after hearing some people next to me eating some of the pizza raving about it. I think they were Neopolitan neophytes, though.

Bianca Pizza

Oily Shot


**I will note, I actually feel pretty ill after consuming just half of this pizza, and I have a pretty high hedonism tolerance. I wouldn’t recommend consuming it.


Went to Smorgasburg and had a fantastic breakfast burrito from Macheen and delicious hummus and pita from (cringe) Hummus Yummy. It really is amazing what they have accomplished there–lots of tasty options and a fun atmosphere.

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A rarity that I eat out more than once a week, but as hostess I’m getting the opportunity :smiley_cat:

Had a daytime gig in Long Beach that lasted all day, and 10 hours after our Panns breakfast with no snacks to hold us over we were ravenous. We tried Number Nine, a Vietnamese restaurant on 4th St. that was a) open and b) had a minimal wait. As my friend said, hunger is the best seasoning, but we were all happy with our choices. My chicken bun ($9.50) was fresh and flavorful; a large portion served with vegetarian egg roll. Not the most extensive or “authentic” selection of dishes and cuts of meat, but we left full and happy.

Number Nine is not really meant to be authentic, but that chicken bun, with all of its inauthentic crispy onions and fresh, locally-sourced produce, and chewy vermicelli + super garlicky sauce on the side is still probably my favorite bowl of bun ever.

Even though I’m all for authenticity; I really feel like they made some wonderful choices with that bowl at that place.

It’s cool that someone else on here actually tried it!

Although I feel like you’re missing an eggroll haha

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I did have a $16 bun at LXSO that may have rivaled my favorite at Number Nine. Leaning a little more authentic, and way more expensive; but everything in it was cooked with immaculate precision. Everything in a standard bun thit, but amplified in flavor and texture to an 11/10.