Number Nine LB - Best Bun Ever (Inflammatory)

I’ve been going to this little Americanized Vietnamese spot in LB for years. I have no idea if it’s a destination spot, but for me, this is the best bun I’ve ever had. The use of crispy onions, the tremendously fresh produce, the bouncy noodles, the spectacular sweet potato eggrolls, the perfect tender, charred chicken…and last, but not least, the Americanized bun sauce that has tons of garlic and other stuff in it that makes this one of the best things I have ever eaten.

Best Bun Sauce In The World:

Vegetarian spring rolls are also wonderful, with deliciously firm tofu, and, more importantly, one of the most delectable peanut sauces I’ve ever tasted:

The hard lemonades are also lovely.

Until someone directs me to a better bun that serves a sauce like this, uses top notch produce, etc… I will contend that if you are a huge fan of Vietnamese boon, this actually may be worth the trip into LB if you have a particular craving.

It’s still not break-the-bank expensive at $9 ($2.50 for each extra eggroll you want, of which I got 1 in the pictured bowl).

The pho here is basically a bad joke…but the bun is one of the best examples of how Americanization can be done right I’ve ever seen I think.


He cannot lie.

You’ve got me sold on the veggie options, @Aesthete!

@J_L, I believe your meme would apply here too: Snakes on a plane.... I mean, in an LA sushi resaturant