Jasmine Garden (Alhambra)

Looks like it’s a dogleg shift from 1st to 2nd from opening.

I eagerly anticipate a report from @chandavkl, or whichever one of us feels like some HK cafe grub (hint: not me).

Is it Jasmine with an “e”? If it’s Jasmin without, then it’d be part of that expanding ESGV Shanghai style chainlet.

Good question.

I drove by too quick to look.

Failure, am I.

TonyC solves the mystery. Seems like their specialty will be fried rices and other rices dishes.


Looking at the rest of the menu, it seems to be a HK place, especially given their spelling of dishes like “Choi Sum” and “Gai Lan”.

They jacked the Chinese name of this popular hk chain:


well crap… got excited that the Malaysian place is coming back.


as befitting DOTM, we went armed with a buy one lunch special get one free

and the three of us ordered the following lunch specials:

  1. sauteed three ingredient on tofu (chicken fish & shrimp)
  2. mongolian beef
  3. pork chop w/garlic & spicy salt

the places represents itself as being HK-quality cooking. i don’t if it reaches that level, but there is clearly someone who knows what they’re doing in the kitchen.

they start you off your your choice to two soups. we all tried the hot/sour. the spice was all black pepper, slightly thickened and a nice flavor. good start.

first order to arrive was the pork chops. the pic doesn’t do them justice. i think they use corn starch, and just enough to create a light crispy layer without any hint of grease.reminiscent of the deep fried fish with seaweed at ahgoo kitchen. they might have been the best pork chops i’ve had prepared this way.

next up: the mongolian beef. there’s a lot of onion, but this is the first time i’ve had such a dish where the onions were actually contributing ingredients instead of filler; just cooked enough to bring out a hint of sweetnees, but not overcooked to the point of stringy mushy filler.

finally, the 3 items over tofu. nicely done, but deceptively so - it was more about the freshness of the ingredients and pretty much staying out of the way of that.

looking at the rest of the menu, the prices look a little high, especially the few dim sum items, but if the items we had were any indication, might be worth it - more than shi hai ever was, for sure.

the place was surprisingly empty for a friday lunch. i hope they are doing better at dinner; there are so few quality cantonese places anymore.

The place also actually has a very decent BBQ takeout counter at the back. Good tripe and salted chicken feet.

good point. they also have some introductory prices on whole fowl at $13.99 that seem like a very good deal.

I recently saw one of their takeout menus. It seemed to indicate some type of relationship with the Hop Woo restaurant from Chinatown. Does anyone have more information?

can anyone who reads 中文 fluently tell us if something was lost in translation?