Jasper Hill Cave-Aged Cheddar at Costco

Wow! Stunning. Pretty darn close to the Cabot Clothbound maybe younger for $9.99/lb. Complex, nutty yet wholly approachable. Picked up @ Tustin Costco.


They definitely know how to do it, since as you probably know, Cabot Clothbound cheddar is actually aged in Jasper Hill’s cave.

Very excitingly for Boston, Jasper Hill just opened up a stand at the new indoor, local-only Boston Public Market where in addition to selling their cheeses, they do grilled cheese sandwiches.

I kid you not. :heart_eyes:

Envious :smile_cat:! Fantastic!

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The products the Tustin Costco brings in is just great. I’ll have to be on the lookout for this cheese.

it was also available this afternooon at the Marina del Rey Costco.
Plenty on the shelf.

bonus points for “stunning”

Like stun gun “stunning”. Like WTF stunning. I love surprises!

Like Gordon Ramsey “stunning”

OOoohhhh. So nice to know it’s in Los Angeles!

I didn’t see it in 2015 but I did just pick it up in 2018 at the Costco in Westlake Village (March 28,2018)

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