Javier Cabral (of Munchies): "This Is Why LA’s Mexican Food Is Still Not the Best In the US"

An interesting read.

Now, I need to go find me some metallic tortillas.

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i’m shocked, shocked i tell you, to find out mexican food is better in mexico than in the u.s.

you notice he doesn’t mention which cities in the u.s. (or anywhere outside mexico, for that matter) have “better” mexican food than l.a. which cities in the u.s. have a higher percentage of artisanal tortillas used in their taquerias?
or maybe i didn’t read carefully enough, which is probable.

that said, i agree there are some shitty tortillas out there. i’d bet there are in mexico, too, just like there’s shitty bread in france.

more vaguely anecdotal opinion passed off as fact. yawn city.


I’d still like to find the best tasting metallic tortillas in LA, or anywhere else for that matter.

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i hate tortillas.

can Guisado starting serving guisados on Kokuho rice (kinda like Maple Block should start serving rib tips).

I’ll take Guisados with some scallion pancakes.

And +1 on the rib tips. And more burnt ends please.

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If you’re gonna go Kokuho, you gotta get the Heirloom Koda Farms. For me, it’s Tamaki Gold or Akita Otome. And, yeah, I’d take some tasty Guisados over hot rice.

who are you? SQIRL?

is it possible y’all hate tortillas because you’ve only had shitty tortillas? or is there no such thing
as a good tortilla for y’all?

bonus question: why am i saying “y’all”?

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Nah, man. I started eating Koda Farms when I was in college . . . two decades ago.

I just cook BBQ. You know that.

Me loves tortillas.

I just want to find me some metallic ones. Maybe even gold dusted.


wasn’t “metallic tortilla” a stooges bootleg from 1972?


That typically how guisados are served in the home and then you use torn tortillas as a scoop.


I agree, it was a click bait title, but it’s about an artisanal tortilla maker in orange county, technically not L.A. although L.A. restaurants source from him.

Further, I also agree with his basic statement have mentioned it myself many times. Tortillas in the U.S. in NO WAY compare to those in Mexico. But the ones in Mexico aren’t fancy heirloom corn varieties either. It’s the way they are made, cooked and sold. Completely different tortilla economy there…



My bet is on Go’s Mart to start that trend…

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ok, this is not a direct response, but

now that i’ve found a way to gorge myself on bread (lodge bread),
it seems like my next logical undertaking should be to find a way to regularly get my hands on “good” tortillas.
my entire diet will then primarily consist of bread, tortillas, frozen desserts, chocolate in various forms and wine.

i may die early, but i will go to carb heaven.


Is he referring strictly to East LA places or what? I eat handmade tortillas almost everywhere it seems like… the only place I regularly go that doesn’t make them themselves is probably Tacos Leo.

The article is written as if they are somehow non-existent in all of Los Angeles?

Really weird.

a little cheese would be a nice addition :wink:

Not a fan of the headline here. If I was the editor, I would’ve put something equally provocative, but more truthful: “Here’s What’s Fatally Flawed About LA’s Mexican Food”

OR SEO-friendly:

LA’s Mexican Food Scene Has One Tragic Flaw That Needs to be Addressed.

either way, I’m all about his overall statement that tortillas need to be better, and places like B.S. Taqueria and Taco Maria are leading the way.

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The article also says Otium is a Mexican restaurant… is… is that true?..

So if L.A. doesn’t have the best Mexican food in The U.S . Besides what’s being judged as a tortilla problem . What fucking city does in the U.S . ? Anybody know ?

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