Jay Nelson, Jr. has passed; JNJ Burger Shack/BBQ closed for now

Went by JNJ to grab some burgers on Saturday and saw a sign that JNJ was closed until further notice. Jay passed sometime last week. A makeshift memorial was set up inside the gate and others had put up signs on the gate offering condolences.

I didn’t know Jay other than the times he chatted me up while waiting for food - really nice guy and I’m sad he is gone.


Jay was a really nice person. I’d only been there twice over the past five or so years, but he was always very welcoming. I have to wonder if anyone will be carrying on the business…

Never went to the place, but sad to hear about the owner. Thanks for letting us know.

Had JNJ in my list to try.

Sad to hear of his passing

damn… RIP… sweet man there.

Used to go all the time and talk to Jay. He told me he was the only one who cooked the meats for the barbecue - 4:30am every morning. I asked him what would happen if he ever got sick and he told me he didn’t know because it had never happened the entire time they’d been open. Sucks, he seemed like a great guy. Wonder what’s gonna happen… love that place.

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