JeetKuneBao's NYC (and nearby) eats

I definitely understand the love for Kopitiam! Yes, you have my preferences right. If memory serves, I got a breakfast burrito on my lone visit to Golden Diner, and it was a very nice breakfast burrito for which I could’ve paid $8.50 instead of $13 and been just as happy at Puebla in Essex Market.

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If you’re in Dumbo other than a Mon or Tues evening, think about dinner at a place called Noodle Pudding, on Henry St in Bklyn Heights, 2 blocks from Dumbo. Don’t let the name fool you - it’s Italian, owner from Ischia. Probably not a city-wide destination, but a real winner. Cash only, no reservations, no real internet presence, hardly any signage and full every night. We’ve eaten there (at the bar) 1-2x/week whenever we’re not traveling. Just a thought.


Rubirosa vs Joe’s and Pats (East Village location) tie dye pizza.

Pretty much the same right? Or do you think one is better than the other?

To Do List:

Sushi Noz.
Her Name is Han
Pecking House.
Win Son and Win Son Bakery.
I Sodi.
Potluck Club.
Uncle Lou.
Spongies Cafe.
La Bicyclette.
Le Fournil.
Sey Coffee.
Le Phin.
Lombardos of Bay Ridge.
Rubirosa or Joe’s and Pats.
Szechuan Mountain House.
McSorley’s (don’t really drink just want to go for the history and one and done).
Wu’s Wonton King.
Arepa Lady.
Taverna Kyclades.
Spicy Village.
Bar Moga.
Khao Kang and Khao Nom.
Hug Esan.
Momo’s……just don’t know which place to go.
Adel’s Halal.
Minetta Tavern.
Saigon Social.
Patisserie Fouet.
Le French Diner.
Guan Fu.
A and A Doubles.


Rounding off, one ale at McSorley’s is none.

Few additional spots for you

  • Juliana
  • Lechonera La Piraña (don’t miss the pastelillos & octo salad)
  • Take advantage of the free Staten Island Ferry and check out the OG locations
  • Kingston Tropical Bakery (Bronx)
  • Razza (NJ)
  • Road trip to Edison for Indian
  • Torien
  • The Grill
  • Hamptons?
  • Lechonera La Isla
  • 188 Bakery Cuchifritos
  • Grand Street Skewer Stand
  • Gray’s Papaya UES recession special
  • Schaller & Weber
  • Explore Polish food in Greenpoint
  • Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop
  • Hi Collar
  • B&D (I believe they may have moved around the corner or thereabouts) or B&B
  • Saturday ‘brunch’ at East Village Meat Market
  • Gopchang story
  • Noz Market handroll bar
  • Jeju noodle bar

Just a note from my experience: I’ve been going, off and on, to Kyclades for 40 or so years and haven’t gone to their new-ish place a couple of blocks down from where they were. I can say that, before they moved, it had slid downhill a bit and, although most of their fish was generally still fresh, some wasn’t, and it took more time looking at the display before ordering to discern which might not be. Also, the sides had become ehh, with little attention being paid to not overcooking the dandelion greens or boiled potatoes. Their new place seems lively enough (as I said, I haven’t been there yet), but I don’t know whether they’re coasting or have been reinvigorated with their new, shiny place.
I can definitely say that, after only one visit, I’d recommend going to Hamido, almost right across the street, for dinner. Very fresh, & well prepared, fish. Much better apps & sides as well. Arab, not Greek. And byob.

Note #2: after 70 years of born, raised and living (mostly) in Bklyn, you managed to find a place that’s new to me. Lombardo’s of Bay Ridge? hmm… so I went to their web site. In the “about” section I found this great sentence: “Bulk up your meal with soda. It’s the best way to make sure you don’t go away hungry”. (Okay, two sentences.) Cant wait to read your eventual review.


That’s amazing I really like Brooklyn (and Queens as well). Manhattan has the fine dining, and the LES/East Village/Chinatown but other than that I think BK/Queens is far more interesting.

I saw some reviews on YouTube on Lombardos of Bay Ridge. It looks great. As well as researching Italian spots in Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst. I also remember going to Pizza Wagon in Los Angeles with the original being in Bay Ridge.

Do you have a favorite pizza in Brooklyn? Favorite Italian deli in Brooklyn? Anywhere else I should go besides Lioni’s and Defonte’s? L&B’s worth it or overhyped?

Off topic here did you get to see the Dodgers play at Ebbets?

Hate to say it but a lot of times with expansion the quality goes down. Kyclades was the most popular taverna I could find. Thank you for the recs!

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Thank you for the recs especially the rican spots! Both La Isla and Pirana are only 2 blocks from the 5 train! Might have to do a bang bang. If you could only pick one which one would you pick?

Any Dominican spots besides Malecon?

True a friend told me it comes in two

La Isla is a no frills breakfast / lunch counter spot. If you’re looking for an ‘experience’, I’d steer you to Pirana. 'Nabe is a bit sketchier though.

Unfortunately no Dominican recs.


WARNING! Long post ahead (I do that a lot). Although there’s not a whole lot of NYC stuff on this board, the folks that are here make the site worthwhile for me when I’m home. Thanks for getting around so much and posting about it - it’s appreciated. Here’s answers to a couple of your questions:
-70 is still too young to have gotten to see the Brooklyn Dodgers. However, my father was born in 1910 in Brooklyn and was a fan, so I did grow up with the mixed feelings and rooting interests that their move to L.A. engendered.
-I grew up & lived (from the age of 12 till I left for college) only 5 blocks from DiFara & knew Dom basically since he opened it. Always my favorite place, although the major publicity and resulting lines (starting after Leff put it in his book when CH started) kept me away from repeated visits. Lots to say about that place, both positive and negative. Maybe some other time.

  • There are so many pizza styles & places these days that I think it foolish to only pick one or two. I am not (& never have been) a fan of the square slices that everyone loves at L&B. I think it makes great focaccia alongside a meal, but I just don’t get it as “Pizza”. Great spumoni/ices though. Lucali is great but I just about never eat a pizza dinner out and, besides, the wait is longer than DiFara’s ever was. Table 87 is only blocks from me in Bklyn Hts (the one on Atlantic Ave) & its coal oven pizza, using higher end ingredients, is very good. But so are the coal, wood & gas oven fired places that now exist all around the city.
  • Defonte’s in Red Hook remains great, according to everyone I know. I haven’t been in several years.
  • Funny you should mention Pizza Wagon, a place I’ve never been. As you noticed on another thread, I eat at Noodle Pudding in Bklyn Hts very, very regularly. Well, besides the great food, this is a place that attracts all kinds of notable diners that no one would recognize. So, in the last several weeks, my wife and I have had pizza conversations with the owners of Lombardi’s, Table 87 and, yes, Pizza Wagon – all of whom were eating there (separately, on different days).

In terms of “interesting” food, I cant disagree with your assessment that both Brooklyn & Queens beat Manhattan. Although I do have to say that people think Manhattan is a lot narrower in diversity than it really is. My friend Dave Cook ( could probably expand on this but, suffice it to say that much of his exploration is in Brooklyn or Queens and I’m happy to tag along on some of it.

I don’t know how Robert feels about cross referencing other boards here, but I know that you’ve been around HO but are more active here on FTC - while I’m more there than here. Feel free to consider joining in on the NYC group dinners that HO members, including me & small_h, are part of. These can be written up here as you wish - personally, I don’t see any conflict/competition but, having been on boards from the original CH to eGullet to… well, you get the idea… I bow to board administration on how they wish to run their product. I’m a guest in their house and appreciate their hospitality.


No problem.


Thank you for the additional recs!

I never got to try a pie from Dom. You are lucky that you got to experience that. I like to think the other nyc pizza places adding fresh basil is a small tribute to Dom.

La Pirana is definitely up my alley! I am going next time.

Never been to OG Defontes in Brooklyn but the sandwiches at the now closed Manhattan branch were my favorite. On work trips I’d make a stop before the airport and pick up a sandwich for the plane. You’ve never seen more states and jealous looks on a plane in your life.

Love all the different picked hot veggies. The thin cut breaded eggplant parm. House made mozzarella. The combinations are endless. Great crusty semolina heroes which you can’t find in California.

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Thank you! I was going to ask why this wasn’t on @JeetKuneBao ’s list. Might as well check out Grimaldi’s next door for a bang x2.

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Will add Julianas to my NYC pizza to do list.

I’ve had Grimaldi’s when it was in LA. It was great!


So Patsy Grimaldi opens a place in DUMBO called Grimaldis. Sells it to the Ciolli family. They run it. Get in a dispute with the property owner and move it next door to an old bank.

Then. a few years later, Patsy Grimaldi opens at the original Grimaldis location, his new place, Juliana’s.

So the two places are next door to each other.


Hey y’all!
Thank you @SteveR for the Noodle Pudding rec! Shared a bunch of stuff including the burrata, fritto misto, and endive salad, along with a couple pastas. Duck ragu and Cacio e pepe. Everything rocked. Service was great. We got there at 6:30 and was seated right away, but probably that last table that didn’t have to wait. Overshot our cash on hand and walked to a market down the street with an ATM. Beware the double ATM fees. $3.75 total I think.
Daughter’s favorite restaurant right now is Pasta Louise. Fun option where they make one pasta shape a day and you choose the sauce and add-ons. They made radiatore on the day we visited. We paired with the mushroom and vegetable sauce and added ricotta and calabrian chiles. Really tasty, also great service.
Last notable place we made it to was L’Industrie. It did not disappoint. Loved the pepperoni, sausage, and ricotta pizza we ordered. Arrived around 7 and they ran out of dough at 8. Space is very limited and had to hover for a while to snag a table in the outdoor (enclosed) build out. Looks like you can BYOB, too. They’ve got some beer and wine in the cooler. Also really enjoyed the soft serve. We got the swirl of olive oil and oreo.
Great eating in NY so far! Hoping the take another trip back into the city for a show and food.
Family is in South Orange, NJ. Went to nearby Town Hall Deli. Had a great sandwich.

Edited to add. Thanks @JeetKuneBao for the thread and tips for a wayward Angeleno!