Lechonera La Isla - Spanish Harlem

Great Lechon & beans platter option if you find yourself in Spanish Harlem at 6:30am. Be sure to ask for the garlic sauce and spicy habanero pickled onions

256 E 125th St, New York, NY 10035,


OMG, that looks crazy good. We NEED a trip to NYC. You’ve given me another reason. Thanks.

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Good stuff @Sgee I wish we had more of this stuff in LA.

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One of my most memorable meals this year. Left a more lasting impression than Marea a couple nights before.

Just in the process of arranging a house exchange with a couple in Greenpoint Brooklyn. Sounds like a nightmare getting from there to Spanish Harlem…but worth it! Maybe breakfast at Amy Ruth’s, walk it off and lunch at this place. Mmm.

ETA: oops, I see this IS for breakfast. Works for me :slight_smile:

So far, still one of the best lechonerias in the city.