Jewish deli in Burbank?

Hi there, I’m going to a concert tomorrow at 5 pm and would love a dose of Jewish soul food after for Hanukkah. Are there any delis in Burbank that have good pastrami, latkes etc? I thought about Art’s in Studio City but they close at 8 and we probably won’t get there til 7:30.


Kings Deli on N Pass Ave

Brisket is the play here imo

You would be hard-pressed to find a Jewish deli open past 8 pm on that side of hill, and many close earlier. Kings is not open on Sundays at all. Although a bit further, I checked and even Brent’s in Northridge closes at 8 pm. If you don’t mind the schlep over to Fairfax, Canter’s might be your best (only?) option for pastrami and latkes after 8 pm. Alternatively, a late lunch/early dinner at Art’s or Brent’s pre-concert.

Thanks for all your responses. We had settled on Canter’s but then the concert ended earlier than expected so we went to Art’s. The food was good, not as great as I remembered (or compared to Brent’s) but it hit the spot. I had pastrami (on rye of course), on person had corned beef, one had a brisket slider and one had the Jay’s Cheesesteak, and we shared a really good cheesecake for dessert. We all were full and my craving for pastrami and latkes fulfilled.

Thanks again!