Jinhai Pie House Replaces Monterey Park Beijing Pie House

Both branches of Beijing Pie House have struggled mightily during the pandemic, opening at times closing at others, and closed more often than not. So driving by the Monterey Park location and seeing the store open but a Jinhai Pie House sign outside instead, I was both surprised and not surprised. Not having time to stop it’s hard to say what’s going on. According to Yelp, the Monterey Park location was listed as closed while Alhambra was described as temporarily closed until the end of the year. Perhaps adding to the mystery is the fact that a block east on Garvey in Monterey Park there is a restaurant called Mei Wei Jin Hai which earlier this year changed hands and changed cuisines. Did the old Mei Wei Jin Hai move down the street? Hope someone can sort this all out.


Word is that Jinhai Pie House has a similar menu to Beijing Pie House.

according to:



Company Number




Incorporation Date

11 September 2020 (about 2 months ago)

Company Type



California (US)

Registered Address

  • 846 E GARVEY AVE #3A
  • United States

Agent Name


Agent Address


jinhai pie house’s office is the beijing pie house location. perhaps a restructuring to get out from under past due rent, etc.?

ah. misread your original post - thought you were referring to the alhambra location. never mind.

I’m thinking this is a new restaurant unrelated to Beijing Pie House. The menu is nearly identical, but they have the good luck plants outside associated with new business ventures and it wasn’t very busy. Also, it might only be an indication that the food didn’t take the long ride home very well, but it wasn’t very good. The beef pie was meh, and the fish dumplings, which were excellent at Beijing Pie House, were nearly inedible. Waiting for more precincts to report though.


Aren’t we all???

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And here I’ve been, craving those wonderful (and often overlooked) radish pies they had.

No radish pie apparent on new menu.

Quite a few new items on the menu and Chinese name of restaurant has changed, so it’s not the old restaurant under new guise.

were you able to try the pies out as good as the old beijing pie house?

i hope they’re not related to mei wei jin hai. i and a few friends visited that place in february, sat down, looked around and elected to tip them a few bucks and went to china islamic instead - where the owner was waiting tables and her daughter was flitting about because most of the help had quit due to the covid outbreak.

I thought the beef pie was bland, though my son was satisfied, but he lives on the Westside and any beef bing is a treat. Also a couple of reviewers used the term “less salty” to describe the pies here.

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Thanks for that sad to see Beijing pie house struggling one of my favorite spots in sgv.

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Just shows that having a great product and a large following isn’t everything. I think the fact that their Rowland Heights operation crashed a burned a few years back may have portended some operational issues.

Every time I was at the RH location, it was pretty busy. I always wondered if the relatively quick opening and closing was a possible visa situation.

:frowning_face: No surprise really. Thanks for the update.

We went today. Fish dumplings weren’t bad at all. Filling is a little dense, but flavor is good. Beef pie is about the same as Beijing Pie House.


Did you happen to try the lamb pies?

No. For some reason, I always get beef pie. :slight_smile:

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