Jinya Ramen Express @ Hollywood & Highland, a 30 second review

Jiyna Ramen Express = Jinya meets Chipotle

$9.80 gets you a basic bowl, add $1 for egg. If you choose chasu, the pictures show 2 slices but you only get 1.

The actual components (ie noodles/toppings) are pretty much as good as the OG Jinyas. But the broth…OMG the broth…

it’s either been watered down because they need to meet volume demands, or it’s been watered down to meet lower standards. Either way, there is no where near as much fat in this broth as there is in the OG broths.

Jinya Ramen Express, good enough in a pinch but aint gonna win any awards.

Thanks for the report. Sounds like a skip for now. Maybe the watered-down broth is just a temporary quality-control thing (hopefully)?

I don’t think it’s a bad experience for $11, given the other options in the area.

for the same $$$ I’d rather go to Chibiscus on Sunset.

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I was catching film in the area yesterday (the only reason to ever BE there, really) and Luv2Eat was unexpectedly closed. (WHY?!? sniff) so, it being kinda cold and rainy, figured I’d give the Jinya Express a try.

The watered down broth is very much still in evidence. Basically, it was a mall-ified version of Jinya’s usual stuff, which is already kind of middle of the road compared to many other choices available.

The noodles were not over cooked, the single slice of chasu was… definitely there, and certainly came from a pig.

Surprisingly, the softboiled egg was on point and probably the best thing about the bowl.

What you end up with is a cheap bowl of ramen (not terrible, just… meh) at a slightly poor QPR, but that’s certainly due in part to the location.

Not something I’ll be headed back to on purpose any time soon. Jinya meets Chipotle is a 100% correct description, @Ns1

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Pokinometry next door is a way better QPR proposition.

Oy. Thanks for the update. Maybe I’ll try the SM branch (esp if it continues to rain!) to see if it’s any better…

I am fb friends with the owners, Pla and Fern, and they are on vacation.

Thanks for the heads up.