Jitlada realization

chicken wings (obvi), larb, and khao soi. I need to go back and try some more stuff. I went on opening night.

Thank you for reminding me why my husband and I fell in love with Jitlada circa 2008/2009. Particular favorites are the sator bean dish and the catfish and pickled bamboo shoots!

I think people are missing my point, which was not that Jitlada is bad, but rather that Jitlada is just too spicy and my tastes are trending toward Sqirl. Part of it may be that I try to avoid eating rice with Thai food for weight-loss purposes.


I still love Jitlada. I go expecting shitty service and it’s usually better than expected. A couple of months ago I had a meal with two of the best dishes I’ve had in LA: rack of lamb in southern curry, and giant prawns in red curry. The former was outrageously spicy but so complex that I kept going in for more pain. The latter was perfectly cooked, plumb, huge prawns loaded with roe in a delicious sauce. It’s definitely not an every day thai place, and the prices are high. The thing is, it’s really, really dumb to go there and order basic thai food and then complain about the price. Go get something weird and hopefully you’ll like it.

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I respect the hell out of you for avoiding rice with your Thai but oh my gosh I’d die without rice to soak up all that heat.

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I should ask them to make quinoa. Seriously, I think that would be pretty good.

Why not just get one of the rice bowls from Sqirl and take it to eat Jitlada, and pair it one of your preferred Thai dishs, Southern or not.

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Sqirl is pretty damn great. Plenty of room in this world for both of them.

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I thought Pok Pok sucked. Every dish was easily bested by other versions in this city. Especially their khao soi.

Take that shit back to Portland.

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Re-reading this topic, the only place I see recommended as doing the dishes I’d order at Jitlada cheaper or better than Jitlada is Lum-Ka-Naad in Northridge.

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Preferred LKN over Jitlada but I haven’t been in 1 1/2 years. Recent reports on LKN have been very negative.

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Thanks for the tip. I will check it out as its near REI. Northridge has some surprisingly good restaurants, as well as my favorite Korean market. I hope Bulavinaka’s reports are mistaken.

I hope I’m wrong too. I can’t recall what thread it was - maybe places to eat in the SFV on Chowhound - but when I mentioned LKN, at least a few people had chimed in about how dreadful their experiences were.

The menu looks incredible. But northridge, to hell with that. My days of driving an hour to eat at some place are over.

Oh my, what neighborhood do you live in to make that viable?

You’re coming off like Kanye West throwing Sqirl into this absurd correlation.

Give me 3 dishes to order please. I have to go back this weekend. Yes i’ve had the morning glory. delicious + unique being the criteria

Is there a reason you’re not mentioning their Ventura blvd location? I used to go to the Northridge one a lot but Ventura was last visit but it has been many months.

Don’t pick on Kanye when he’s bankrupt.