Joe Beef - Montreal

Scallop in its own shell, meat raw with a sauce made from its coral. So good.

Local shrimp. Perfectly cooked. I forget what kind of sauce.

Caramelle (stuffed pasta shaped like wrapped candies). Fantastic.

Asparagus with hollandaise and house-cured … salmon?

The famous lobster pasta. Note the special utensil. The portion was as big as it looks.

Pork shoulder with clams and polenta, which was more of a light sauce rather than the usual pile.

Contrary to what the photos suggest, my meal was on the light side (I had only a couple of bites of the spaghetti), so I had a big appetite for dessert. Clockwise from top left: cruller with buckwheat honey (variation on a Paris-Brest), rhubarb bavarian, marjolaine. All excellent.

Tied with Majordomo for the best meal I’ve had this year.


YOU ate all of THAT?!/!?!?!?! But it looks great!

joe beef is on the bucket list. if only they’d mistake me for david chang…

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I’ve had Montreal and Quebec on my bucket list for some years and always go somewhere else. I’d not particularly thought about the food :smile:

that’s smoked trout over the asparagus, not salmon.

That sounds right.

ate it a week or so later. also, it’s what it says on the menu board pic you posted…

Ha! So it does.