Johnny's West Adams

Had a very good lunch here, highlights were the pastrami and matzo ball soup. The pastrami was super tender, fatty and smoky, the bread was a bit hard at the edges but overall I liked it. I loved the matzo ball soup though. It’s packed with chicken, vegetables, dill, and noodles, broth was really flavorful and the matzo ball was light and fluffy. Delicious.

spicy dog - toasted brioche, house made merguez, sauerkraut, honey mustard

pastrami sandwich - tartine marble rye, mustard


knish with gravy - stuffed with potato, caramelized onion, sauerkraut and pastrami

matzo ball soup - chicken broth, shredded chicken, capellini, vegetables, dill

soft serve s’mores - chocolate soft serve, cookies, chocolate sauce, torched fresh marshmallow

Open for delivery @TheCookie


Johnny’s West Adams
4327 W Adams Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90018
(323) 840-3048


Oh sweet! I thought they were closed for good!

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Looks really good !! not what I expected, for some reason I expected maybe the filling would be like a potato knish and then have those other things with it so this is interesting.

What did you think?

Agreed. It almost looks like corned beef hash inside of the knish with big pieces of potato.

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Holy cow those prices! I have an inquiry for some house kitchen Indonesian on Friday… but if that doesn’t come through… I know what we are having.

I know 12 bucks for a reuben! Let us know how it is.

I will! I am so excited and am kicking myself for how busy I am this weekend due to a series of unrelated events (I can’t even do this tomorrow!) I want to give them all my monies for DARING to open East of Crenshaw.


Neighbors are reporting that the window is open! Maybe I can swing by Friday for lunch after all! :grinning:


Ready to take :motor_scooter: out for a ride tomorrow


That may be for half a sandwich. The pastrami is $11 for half or $19 for a whole

Just kidding I see the option now. That is pricey. Better be worth it.

What is that?

the OC dudes that deliver stuff once a week? I’m starting to get a little leary of these home kitchens… who freakin knows their safety and cleanliness standards and they’re serving so many people that they’re making things waaaaay ahead and just leaving them in room temp…

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Can someone send me the house kitchen Indonesian ppls info? I’d love to order from them.

Do you know the actual name of the company? Just curious. I don’t see anything online.

It’s a FB group: SoCal Indo Food


no, i didn’t know… and looks like i was talking about a different one… it scares me… with street food at least i can see what’s happening… with this stuff there’s no way to know who sticks theirs balls into the curry

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same thing can happen at a restaurant

Ahhh… FB. I have yet to apply for a visa.


but it might be Thomas Keller’s balls

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