Jon & Vinny's - Beverly Hills

I respect your comments always, but I dined at the Beverly Hills location tonight. I was not impressed. I did not take pictures. Our friend raved about the heirloom tomato bruschetta; she said it was the best bruschetta she has ever had. Granted tomatoes are out of season, but these were overly acidic and fairly tasteless. The bread was good. We also had an underwhelming zucchini salad. The lovely wife and our friend split the meatballs. Again disappointing. I had the linguine with clams. As far as I can tell these were canned clams. The thick, almost tasteless sauce was served with mediocre linguine. My zinfandel was okay, but for $19/glass I would have liked a bit more quality. The wife’s sauvignon blanc was also a down vote. However the chocolate budino dessert was excellent, as were the mini cannolis. Our friend said that we should have had pizza and the pizzas looked pretty good…but all-in-all a disappointing meal.
As far as the 18% service charge, the actual topic of this thread, we had excellent service so I tipped the 15% maximum suggested on the menu.
Will not be returning.


Sorry to hear about your meal. I didn’t even know they had a jandv branch in bev hills!

As for that, don’t worry you as a diner are absolutely entitled to your own experiences and opinions. None of the dishes you mentioned would be considered their “hits” but at a restaurant like that everything should at least be pretty good. Too many good restaurants in LA so if this didn’t do it for you, on to the next!

I know based on this whole tipping thing and reading about employee reviews on glass door I will probably not be returning either for awhile either unfortunately.


Is there a controversy that I missed in a thread somewhere? What employee reviews? What tipping thing?

I love Jon & Vinny’s (Brentwood), but what’s going on with the employees?

Yeah this is what happens when the mod splits the thread it can become an incoherent mess.

Basically jandv is obscuring and possibly misleading about the 18% service charge, on glass door multiple former employees accuse the owners of pocketing that charge.


The link at the bottom of the opening post points to the Petit Trois Le Valley topic where ebethsdad originally posted that review, where it was kind of confusing.

Petit Trois is owned by the same group and has the same service-charge policy.

not anymore

Ah, right you are.

Here’s a photo of my bill yesterday at lunch - Jon & Vinny’s Brentwood. I asked the server what this means, and she said “100% of the fee” is for staff salaries, like “Europe”. Anything on top goes to the server.


If 100% goes to wages, it’s all going into the owners’ pockets.


They could’ve chosen to be like Japan and remove the tip line but nah, let’s insert the customer into the wage debate.

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Well it looks like they reworded it and hopefully they changed their policies to reward their employees that work in both front and back, although I remain somewhat skeptical. Did the server mention whether the tip in addition was expected?

It says “equitable wages to all of our employees including hourly and salaried…”

Based on that language that could mean the ceo, exec team, or general manager could all be taking the lions share of the 18% and bumping up employee wages by like $1 an hour.

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If it all goes to wages, 100% goes to the owners, who pay the wages. If they don’t pay more than other restaurants, it’s staying in their pockets.

No need to go to Japan. Kazunori and Sugarfish are like that here.

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Welcome to FTC!!!


Welcome to FTC @deegz!

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