Jonah's Kitchen and Bar (Santa Monica)

In the cursed Cadet/LDH Robata space comes Jonah’s Kitchen. An internet search didn’t turn up much, but there is an IG page:

Anyone know anything about the chef?

That space will always stick with me. I don’t think anybody realizes what a MASSIVE flop LDH Kitchen was. They spent sooooo much money on that place and it was downright awful.

Probably not the best name for a cursed space given the third dictionary (Webster’s) definition:


(ˈdʒoʊ nə)


1. a Minor Prophet who, for his impiety, was thrown overboard from his ship and swallowed by a
large fish, remaining in its belly for three days before being cast up onto the shore unharmed.

2. a book of the Bible bearing his name.

3. a person or thing regarded as bringing bad luck.


According to this blog, Jonah Johnson is a locally known private chef and his resto will feature “Latin Soul Food.”

I also found an LAT article from 2013 talking about Jonah Johnson at GOAL restaurant near the Beverly Center and the numerous celebrities he personally cooked for.

Peeked in over the weekend and it looked close to done. The website now says Winter 2021 though, which feels like a super long time for a place to pay rent for a space without making money on it

EDIT: just saw this blurb on the instagram: “An LDH Kitchen group restaurant.”

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Oh, dear…

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Any reports? Looks kind of nice from outside and the menu is interesting…

Handmade Corn Tortilla, Argentine Red
Shrimp, Gochujang, Pickled Onion,

It’s an interesting set up, you order at the counter but it is kind fancy looking otherwise inside (and you see the grill as you’re in line). Only been once; I did find the tacos and ceviche better than the brisket.


the menu is one of the most confusing I’ve seen in a long time…

It’s like they hired an AI to create a menu with “global flavors”

Went last night. It’s a nea addition to the neighborhood.
Pan-Latin American menu with dishes that are Peruvian, Argentinian, Mexican etc.
Loved the space and “tiki bar” in back. Drink’s were quite good.

We like the shrimp Alcapulco, the Argetnine Parilla style pork ribs (greasy, but good with a crunchy grilled bark) and we LOVED the crispy potatoes with aji verde (HOT!).
The tacos were pretty bad. I was excited about that gochujang shrimp but it was cloyingly sweet. The cochinita pibil was better but nothing special - and the tortillas were hard and not flavorful.

I bet it does well, catering to a not very fussy young crowd at a decent price.


I mean how can you do bad tacos in LA and get away with it? woof. anyway, I am interested in checking it out at some point but the global flavor approach certainly feels amateurish without a proper explanation.

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Oh, how funny, I was thinking of going last night, too, after your post! But I decided to try Tara’s Himalayan instead.

Not fussy and decent price in that area sound great to me.


How was Tara’s Himalayan?

Coming up in monthly rundown. :wink:



Finally went last wk for lunch. Will concur w/ @CiaoBob’s opinion that this is a nice addition of respectably tasty food at a fair price.

Should’ve read this thread more closely b/c I was confused that it’s counter order. Got the king wagyu bowl and partner got the same in taco form. Also got a gorgonzola + tomato salad, even though that was listed as a dinner special, since I wasn’t sure about portion size.

Portions are generous, and flavor is fine (some “interesting” flavors while still remaining completely inoffensive). I’m not trying to damn it w/ faint praise; I actually think that’s not an easy combo to pull off. I had been hoping Tocaya would taste more like this.

Enjoyed the pickled veggies, and the green side sauce had a decent amount of slow heat. Didn’t really need the salad for satiety.

Is gorgonzola normally firm? The slices were quite firm, and I wonder if it’s b/c they had just pulled it out of the fridge?

Space is quite attractive, and the back room is roofless.

Not destination worthy, but certainly worth a try, if you’re in the area. Think it would also be good for a small, casual lunch meeting if you want something more interesting than, say, Literati.


Been there a couple times. And will be going back to try a few more things. What stands out to me are the “crispy potatoes” - which are just that. VERY crunchy, crispy roasted potatoes. Very satisfying.