Josh Gil at Mar Vista Farmers Market

Those of you who liked Tacos Punta Cabras will be pleased to know that Josh Gil (who used to be one of the owners) is selling tacos at the Mar Vista Farmers Market.

The Mar Vista Farmers Market is on Grandview. The cross street is Venice Boulevard. The market is open on Sundays from 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

My husband and I ate at Josh’s booth Sunday before last. We had a jackfruit taco and a tuna taco. They were both insanely delicious. There were a total of four varieties of taco.

Josh is a wicked good chef. It’s nice to be eating his cooking again.

Also, he’s selling handmade corn tortillas for $4.00 a dozen.


Good to hear TPC is having a presence at the MV FM again. I recall a few years ago when they set up a booth and they said that they were planning on being there until further notice. I think that lasted exactly one weekend.

Josh is flying solo now. The other TPC chef, Daniel, is reopening TPC with a new partner. The new location (near Broadway and 10th in Santa Monica) will be a full sit down restaurant with booze and dessert.

I gotta say I was vastly unimpressed with that one weekend. Average quality, high prices and minuscule portions.