JThur01 On Unsung San Gabriel Valley Noodle Types

I like the oat noodles, plus the Shanghai restaurant versions of the thick bean starch noodles.


Are those really obscure?

What about burdock noodles?

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that first pic looks like the aliens that infected spock in a star trek episode.

You clearly watch a different Star Trek than I do.

Or anyone else for that matter, most likely.

awaiting a decision from the judges…


i have never dressed like a starfleet officer nor have i attended any star trek conventions, what have you, but i know my star trek pretty well.

also, those aliens are very tasty. reminiscent of japanese hiyashi chuka and a great choice for a warm weather dish.

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“Unsung”, not “obscure.” Huge difference :wink: Of course, it depends on who’s doin’ the singin’

Yeah, burdock noodles would be good. Ahgoo’s Kitchen, right?

great piece of noodle reporting!

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Agreed. I grew up w/ some of these noodle types (I think), but it’s not like my parents ever bothered to explain what I was eating or the other varieties that exist. So the article is a good primer, IMHO.

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Thanks CiaoBob, paranoidgarliclover, chandavkl. Chandavkl, the waiter @ Shaanxi Noodle House seemed impressed that I ordered all their local specialties and was telling me about the healthy qualities of both the oat and buckwheat noodles.

Try to head to Hsi Lai Temple sometime on Sunday.

Many times they will offer a simple vegetable tossed noodle dish made with charcoal noodles.

Maybe you’ll bump into Hilary there. And Bill too.

No, I think it’s more likely you’ll see Al Gore at that Temple. Much more likely you’ll see Bill and Hillary on East Broadway in Little Fuzhou in Manhattan Chinatown. Words cannot express my shock when I visited a banquet sized Chinese restaurant there eight years ago WHICH DIDN’T EVEN HAVE AN ENGLISH LANGUAGE MENU, and there was a picture on the wall of Hillary attending an event there.

i’ve had the corn noodles at yao’s. i did not find them to be a suitable alternative.

still having to watch my blood sugar, i’ve been eating a lot of mung bean noodles at home - ants on a tree, or simply tossed with a little chili oil, sesame oil and scallions, or maybe chap-chae-ish stuff. i don’t recall seeing a lot of dishes in the SGV featuring mung bean noodles.

I’m in the same glycemic boat as you. I know mung bean noodles are low glycemic, but I don’t know one way or another about other kinds of “glass” noodles, variously described as green bean starch noodles, sweet potato starch noodles and a few other variations I can’t recall at the moment. Mostly at Shanghai style (e.g., Southern Mini Town), Dongbei, and of course Korean restaurants.

What are charcoal noodles? :slight_smile:

This is charcoal noodles.

Now, I’m hungry.

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And what do they taste like?

Bland and generally pretty tasteless.

I always feel like if someone says Bamboo Noodles have a “bitter or mineral-y” taste, it’s their eyes doing the talking and not their mouth. Somehow the black color of the noodles makes people think and want to say that these noodles have a more distinct taste than their less colorful brethren.

they look like klingon serpent worms (gagh)

and i’m STILL waiting for a ruling from the judges on the aliens that infected spock.