JThur01's Late April 2019 SGV Update

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Nice I been meaning to try Aghoo’s sesame scallion bread and beef noodles

ahgoo’s are even better

i stopped by the new DSW and left feeling very sad. unfortunately my phone died and i was unable to document the entire visit.

it started off well enough with a complimentary pork (i think) pastry.

someone had to order the beef flap, er, wrap.

the compression issue is not photo related. the problem is that i’ve mulitas with more filling than this rendition. the meat was more a flavoring agent than an ingredient.

according to the menu the XLB & SJB come six to a serving for $7.95.

it kinda reminded me of what happened when mama of mama’s kitchen (current location of china tasty in alhambra whose eggy version of the beef roll got raves from tonyc) left and went to qnick/quick meal in arcadia where most of the lunch business was the inherited steam table buffet lunch. the only other person in the new DSW looked like an ELAC student slurping down a bowl of pho. so very sad.

Here’s one for you to confirm. They’ve always been open on Sundays. Passed by it leaving the plaza and noticed that they look like they’ve shuttered. Not surprising, after new owners took over the place, it remained rather empty.

Wouldn’t be the first time that a new owner ran a place into the ground. Were they originally that busy? I was surprised when they took over the Sichuan menu at Hop Woo in WLA.

The first owner sold the restaurant, and he (and a chef) went into a collaboration with Hop Woo in West LA. It wasn’t busy to begin with, but after a couple of months, they started to draw in some customers. It never got packed though. After the new owners took it over, it went back to be relatively empty every time I passed by there. I sometimes feel sorry for them when the server and the chef are sitting outside, in front of the restaurant, when there weren’t any customers inside.

That location is another one of those jinxed places. They must have gone through 5-6 changes of ownership in the last 3 years.

Thanks. I noticed Meet with Chengdu looked dark when I went past on a recent Friday evening. Interesting back story on that place. It was definitely at a better level than those that are just imitators, at least in its initial phase.