JThur01's October and November SGV Updates


Update on Guan Dong Dayuan in that their main menu now has small English subtitles. Not sure if that’s a good thing in light of a dish that caught my eye popped up–stir fried silkworm pupae.

I would have put this on a new post except that a glitch on the board has prevented me from starting a new topic for a few days already.

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Further proof of the blurring of “cuisines” in the border regions. That’s beondegi, a popular Korean street food/snack.

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Same pedigree for the tuna rice balls I had there?

Beondegi I know, that I do not know.

If only people knew what beondegi is.

I had something similar in Australia: Wichetty grub.

I had escamol in Mexico City, thinking it was bulgur wheat salad of some sort.

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Truly - ants climbing tree!

Since I am still unable to post new topics, I’m forced to edit the title of the October post and add JThur01’s November update as a reply to that post.


Why’s that? Did you contact @robert or @ipsedixit?

Yes I did, which was forwarded to the webmaster with no relief. Essentially I have a draft which I unsuccessfully tried to delete that’s blocks me from making a new post.

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@chandavkl, post your “draft” – i.e., make it an official post. Tag me, and then I will delete the post for you. Maybe that’ll unblock your account.

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Actually that’s the first thing I tried many days ago. Clicking the “Open Draft” button which replaces the “New Topic” button does not open the draft, and furthermore completely freezes the browser tab.

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Thanks for fixing!

I was in S. Korea in 2006 and I’ll never forget the godawful smell, nor will I forget the enthusiastic gusto with which schoolkids schlorped them down.

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