JThur01's September San Gabriel Valley Update


tried auntie ping today. the HCR (hainan chicken rice) is good, cluck2go needn’t worry though.


both i & my lunch companion were much more enamored of the rice rolls. my friend’s first comment: “OMG, i could eat these every day for breakfast”. we both agreed about how the wrinkling of the rice roll created a somehow subtle yet significant change in the overall texture, giving it just a bit more chew - which i suspect will make it a bit more appealing to western palates.

(forgive the quality)

the wonton mien (wonton noodles in soup) were ok, but no threat to harlam’s kitchen. interesting mainly in that the green vegetable was iceberg lettuce.


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also visited noodle harmony recently the 15% grand opening discount was still in effect.i’d agree with @ipsedixit that it’s more about the saucing than the noodles themselves. however, i’d also submit that it will be a matter of taste, but the saucings were definitely unique: having said that, there’s not a lot to distinguish between the different sauces visually. i can identify the spicy cold chicken noodle only by the presence of the chicken. each noodle dish came in portions that divide evenly into two rice bowl.

noodle%20harmony%200914181201a noodle%20harmony%200914181201

their ‘sichuan dumplings’ were again more about the saucing than the dumplings themselves and again, the saucing choice was familiar and yet different at the same time.

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