Juanita and Maude

… has opened in the old Nizza la Bella space. Nice little menu. We’ll probably go next week. Anyone from here gone yet?

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Was written up on HungryOnion:

(Only remembered due to the use of schug under the croquettes.)

We had a lovely dinner last night. There were 5 of us.

We shared the Pistachio Falafel - excellent. They adjusted the order up to 5 pieces so we could all have one.
Pita and roasted eggplant - nice, nothing special, but fine.

Two of us then shared the Monterey Bay squid / cherry tomatoes / shishito peppers / ginger / avocado which was delicious, and then I had the Chicken Cordon Bleu / prosciutto / asiago / red potatoes / mustard / arugula, which was really good. My comment was “I don’t think I’ve seen this since the Velvet Turtle.” Other things ordered were the King Trumpet mushrooms/green curry (he loved it), Short Rib (he loved it), Bratwurst (she polished it off, but I don’t recall a comment) and the Gnocchi (I don’t’ recall a comment on that one). We also had a loaf of their bread and herbed butter - a small fluffy warm loaf which was delicious.

We shared the 3 desserts. They were ok, but I wouldn’t be in a big rush to order any of them again.

I had glasses of two different Italian reds - one at the bar awaiting the others, and one with my meal.

All of us said we’d return, and soon. Service was very pleasant.