Juan's Place - Berkeley

My dining companion wanted old-school Mexican, so we went to Juan’s Place.

They have Negra Modello on tap for I think $4 a pint (cheaper than pitchers), delicious, so much better than the bottled version. I might stop in to the bar just for that.

The prices are so low that I made the mistake of getting a full order of nachos with the optional shredded beef, which is a huge amount of food. They also brought both corn and flour tortilla chips while we were waiting, and then refills, so I ended up stuffed and took most of the beef home. Good texture and flavor, though I would have spicier salsa (which someone on Chowhound said they have by request). I think my companion’s chile verde plate was a better choice. Beans were very good.

The food was definitely better than the last time I ate there, which was at least ten years ago. I’d say it’s on a par with Mexicali Rose, though the menu’s more limited.

Was shredded beef the only optional meat topping for the nachos?

You could choose other meats.

Glad to hear it. Juan’s was a favorite of my family back in the '70s, and I haven’t been there in at least a couple of decades…so it’s nice to know they’re still (or again?) good.

Last time I went to Juan’s was several years ago after meeting a plumber at my house. I had the crab enchiladas which were an old favorite. They didn’t seem to have much crab. I do remember liking the chips and salsa though. The plumbers were there eating too!