Juku (Sushi) - Chinatown

Very good recent sushi discovery. Helmed by Kazuo Yoshida, a decidedly colorful sushi chef serves up some strong sushi in the NYC scene. Wide neta variety with creative finishing touches, dried soy sauce, smoked salt, barracuda roe etc. Fish quality is strong as is the rice - mildly seasoned with discernible individual grains.

Worth checking out as a great alternative to my favorite stratospheric sushi bars.

Pro-tip: Inquire about the uni tasting options for the day.


Omakase starts at
15 Pieces + Hand Roll

That is a good price! Thanks. What did you get? Looks like 18 pieces plus the uni tasting?

Hmm not really sure what I ordered, I believe there were at least a couple of pieces that I didn’t take a picture of. Including a bottle of beer & bottled water, the tab came up to ~ $180 before tips.



Delivery from Juku.

Fish-forward futomaki, I like it!


Is that spinach? Did you get two pieces of the toro and akami?

Yup, that’s spinach & double servings of akami and toro.

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