Juliet (Culver City)

Warrior: 4.5 Warrior Points. Nice new French place. Pretty, Instagrammable dishes. The food is not quite as good as it looks, but it’s generally tasty. I had no complaints except the cauliflower was over-salted. I liked the restaurant more than Petit Trois and less than this music video. They are putting together a larger wine list than what is shown in the photo below.

Peony: it’s a nice, pleasant restaurant. I enjoyed the food. I feel the level of presentation is higher than the level of flavor.

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Those prices make Angler 2.0 look like a bargain.

I was thinking that for a little more than 40 bucks I could get plates of BOTH roasted eggplant AND flowering cauliflower!

Not even a plate of eggplant. It was just one little eggplant. Angler’s dish had like 5 times as much eggplant. I preferred Angler’s eggplant in Indian masala sauce. Juliet’s eggplant was pickled—a little unusual but I liked it okay.

Overall, I much prefer Angler over Juliet in the same price range. Peony concurred. But I’m not hating on Juliet; I’d go back there.

Didn’t take photos, but can tell you we had to send back one dish for being too salty and inedible (the Bok Choy), and wanted to send back the heavily salted Chicken with Truffle sauce, but by then we just wanted to go home (it came last, and arrived about 30 minutes after all other dishes).

The Liver Tartlet was incredibly delicious, the Endive Salad with Roquefort and Walnuts was good, but difficult to eat (odd presentation). Asparagus special with Ricotta was excellent.

Star of the night was easily the Brown Butter Madeleines which were divine.

Wine selection is fantastic, but extremely expensive. No tasting allowed, they charge for 1 oz, 2 oz, 5 oz, etc.


We had dinner last week at Juliet. We were looking forward to it, as we like Margot quite a bit.

We also liked the Endive/Roquefort/Walnut salad and the Asparagus/Ricotta special a lot. The Duck Confit “cigars” were okay, but there were too few of them to make a decent entree. The Lamb Chops with Chickpea Puree and Tapenade was disappointing, the flavors just never quite came together and the texture of the Lamb was kind of mushy.

Also, Juliet seemed pretentiously French, like it was trying way too hard to stress its French connection. It was almost like someone watched “Emily in Paris” and then decided to model a restaurant on it.

But what did it for us was the absolute DIN. We’ve been to some loud restaurants, but this was the loudest ever, and on a Thursday night! We’ll probably never go back.


it just occurred to me how loud Juliet was. the lamb chops was disappointing for us too! mushy texture. too bad.

Some dishes are good but overall the portions are kind of wack. It’s hard to get full without ordering basically everything

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