July 2016 weekend rundown


One of the most underrated restaurants in LA? :eyes:

Pig in a blanket

Yellowtail collar
Sweet, smoky, tender, delicious

Chicken Milanese sandwich


Rice pudding


I love yellow tail collar. It’s like eating the fish version of ribs.


Bang^3 Golden State - CoFax - Magpies

Lamb burger

Cow burger

Strawberry crunch and ice coffee

Strawberry rhubarb and sweet cream soft serve with toppings, one was a really nice rice crispy treat

Then Jun Ka Bok for pork stew, kimchi cheese rice, and mackerel with sea salt


Nice @A5KOBE! Don’t tell me that was all for Lunch?! :open_mouth:

Nah, Jun Ka Bok was dinner. If I ate that I would be sleeping right now. :joy:

The Baby Blue Beef Rib. Yes that’s just one rib!


Just returned from Cofax (was voted down on going to Smorgasburg😭) with six donuts.

Five minutes max later:

Which was best? Like the early Republican Presidential race, undecided. Unlike that race, all candidates were sweet, approachable and loved by all.


Haven’t been to Baby Blues in ages. That rib looks great! Any other recs?

The brisket was pretty darn good too…lots of crispy bark.


Is that a smoked short rib?

#Sushi Tsujita

Is it considered a bang-bang if you order two lunches at one place? #askingforafriend

h/t to @J_L for giving me an excuse to return to sushi tsujita. Started with the sashimi bowl, platinum edition

Followed by the bara-chirashi, poor man’s edition for dessert



Game of Thrones. WestLAros


(I actually will be vaguely referencing this somewhere in one my posts this weekend)

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Tried some new restaurants this weekend. Quick reviews will follow in some other threads:

Upper West (Santa Monica)
Octopus Carpaccio:

Crab cake sandwich and sea bass (not Chilean, in case you were wondering):

Chocolate tart, coffee ice cream, marshmallow fluff:

Pie Hole
Andouille sausage roll, chicken asiago roll, shepherd’s pie, blubarb pie, chocolate crostata (not pictured, thin mint latte):

We then went around the corner to Bar 82 for arcade games. :slight_smile:


Unagi Pie VSOP


How was it?

It just tasted like a really good, crispy, buttery palmier with brandy essence. No unagi flavor at all, hint of macadamian nut (although I doubt I could identify it without the description) and perhaps vanilla. I am gonna eat some of the other ones with ice cream.

Was voted down on going to Smorgasburg today because everyone else wanted to hit Cofax for breakfast burritos and donuts this AM. The place was insanely busy with a huge number of customers piling out of the front door at 1030.

We delayed our visit by going to Kaya a few blocks south. First time there and was hoping for food resembling SE Asian cuisine - not. Most of the menu is build-it bowls. Dear wife called it “guai lo style Malaysian food.” I added through LA eyes - no one eats raw kale in SE Asia!

It tasted fine and we can see the appeal, but don’t come here expecting gado gado or laksa. But Kaya does make a quick lunch with good ingredients and interesting flavors.

We returned to Cofax and picked up a half dozen donuts and coffee (great drip).

Clockwise from upper left is horchata coconut, honey nut, honey salt, maple bacon, strawberry crunch and Valrhona double chocolate.

These are close-ups of the donuts’ interior. The raised is more dense than conventional raised, but in a good way. It’s still light enough but a slightly more interesting chew - look at the tight even air bubbles.

The cake on the Valhrona is moist, slightly spongy and soft like a real cake - excellent IMHO.

We really enjoyed all of them and like others have proclaimed, these are probably the best donuts in LA. Chef Rucker is doing amazing things - as always.


I am so jealous! I haven’t had unagi pie in years. Did a friend or relative bring it back from Shizuoka?

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