July 2019 Weekend Rundown

Happy birthday murica.

Ruby BBQ

roast pork belly
So damn good and porky Kermit tried to date it. As good as dragon beaux’s.


Picking up flour tortillas at Home State for later (and chorizo breakfast tacos, because they are so good).


Happy 4th !



July 6th is National Sushi Handroll Day! Celebrated it earlier in the week with a terrific negi-toro temaki (fatty tuna and diced scallion handroll) from Shunji… The premium nori, the akasu touch on the well-proportioned shari, and the creamy tuna belly with a hint of diced young scallion really elevated the entire experience.

Following it up today with a bay scallops roll from KazuNori. No vinegar notes on the rice, but a dollop of masago and mayo to go with the scallops help the whole thing along, taste-wise - Pretty good!


Black Sesame at Kansha Creamery

TNT Aloha Cafe, Portuguese Sausage Loco Moco and Spam Musubi with Ume

Grilled Beef Tongue at Gyutan Tsukasa

Mentaiko Spaghetti and Ume Shiso Bonito Spaghetti at Cafe Hiro

Thai Tea (vegan) Ice Cream at Hug Life. The texture has improved so much!!


Thank you @J_L



Capital seafood on Sunday

during the “appropriate” dim sum time


Spent the weekend in Kansas and I am all BBQed out. Favorite bite from the weekend was the lamb ribs at Jack’s Stack. I wish this item was served more often around here.


was there around noon with the kiddos!

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We went at 1230/1 must’ve just missed you!

Super Tuscan 2011 for an upcoming farewell family dinner…

Broke from buying the wine so had banh canh for dinner at GAO Vietnamese San Mateo

Maeun galbi jjim from Kunjip Santa Clara

Goma tofu with uni from Leichi

Discovered a lovely Ginjo sake (Matsuno Kotobuki) that is not available in Tokyo, only locally in Tochigi prefecture yet we have access to it! Drinks like a charm and great for a starter, ladies will enjoy it too. Hint: get it from K&L Hollywood!

Enjoyed a revival super old school Cantonese dim sum dessert: coconut “pudding” with yellow beans.

Sake shopping over the weekend. I really should bring one of these next time I visit LA and share :thinking:

Taking one for the team next time we do a NorCal FTC meetup: preorder double boiled soup with a whole chicken encased in pork stomach at a Hakka Cantonese place.

Celebrating a dear friend’s birthday at The Shota. Uni flan, ocean trout roe, monaka.


ya gotta do it justice by showing us the clarity of the double boiled goodness

Sorry uploaded pictures through phone thumbails and didn’t screen that one for focus!


Nice! How do you post pictures side by side??

Mobile phone browser upload and select multiple pics with no words/spacing in between :facepunch:t2::nerd_face:


Next iteration to try for National Temaki day everyday

Maguro, chutoro, otoro, sunazuri, shimofuri, maybe kama toro all aged zuke and make it a festival :sweat_smile:


Zacatecas restaurant in Hawthorne, Inglewood Ave about 1/2 a mile south from Chubby Rice.

Carnitas plate. They substituted grilled vegetables for me instead of rice as I’m back on the low carb schtick.

I photographed it so you could see the crispy goodness. It’s served with a slightly hot green salsa on the side.

Grilled shrimp.

Love this place. Drinkable red salsa fresca for their chips.


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Thank you for the rec!!

Funny, I just did a search Zamora Bros and got like 4 other locations. I assume they are not related though.

One in Compton, Hawthorne, Cesar Chaves, and Alhambra.

I no longer feel like such an outlier with my feelings on Carnitas El Momo