Jun-Men Ramen - Come for Nails, Stay for Italian

Borrowing line from ipsedixit.

Outside the place looks like a nail saloon, especially when someone sits at the front counter by the door (strange spacing really). But inside, it looks like a nail saloon with an open kitchen.

So far I enjoyed the non ramen dishes more than the ramen (been spoiled in Hell’s Kitchen). The uni mushroom is a great pasta disguised as ramen on the menu. Its even drier for a mazemen. The fried rice has a great taste/price ratio, one of the best rice dishes in recent memory. Wings look great but I havent had yet. Kimchi Ramen with chunks of pork shoulder was much better than the Pork Bone.

Nice little addition to the neighborhood (Chelsea). Check it out

Damn. And I needed a pedicure too.

Will try.

Thanks Z.