Junction Boulevard Station Al Pastor Taco Stand - Queens

Inspired by the new series Taco Chronicles on Netflix, decided to sate my Al Pastor hankering. Made a late night run to the Al Pastor stand located below the Junction Boulevard Train Station. Legit Mexican style tacos with all the fixings. The Al Pastor was ok, nothing mind blowing IMO, I didn’t find the adobodo seasoning particularly flavorful. Leo’s taco in LA remains my benchmark.

Next on the list Taco Mix in Harlem…

I know started to watch taco chronicles. Went to eat at a new restaurant in my small town . Al pastor tacos . D + . I’m sorry . My bar is at mid level.

ouch D+.


Ugh :grimacing:. Maybe they were distracted by the opening of their new LES branch

The frustrating thing about this cart is that you can have completely different experiences from one night to the next. In colder weather I think they usually do better, when less customers are around the fire really hits the meat and things are prepared well. On a busy night, the taquero just is not talented enough to keep the fire right and cook everything just right, and on hot nights he never turns the flame up high. The seasoning can also be different each time you go. Sometimes you get it all perfect and that makes you keep trying, but the rate of success is 50% at maximum. It’s still the best al pastor on Roosevelt for sure.

Hi @EattheWorldLA! Welcome to FTC and the NYC board. I’ve stumbled on your blog last year and love the wealth of content and destinations to explore since moving to the city.

Thanks for the information on Junction, yeah the flame was subdued and there were a number of people waiting in line ahead of me. So I think they were off pace as you noted. Do you have any other recommendations / favorites for tacos (al pastor and otherwise)? Still seeking new destinations to get away from falling back on Los Tacos No.1 which is very convenient for me to get to in Manhattan.

I am being hard on them because they currently have the best trompo in the area. The other best in the five boroughs (though the Junction cart has much better tortillas) is also a little hit or miss, depending on traffic at Santa Clarita in Mott Haven:

I would give gold medals to a couple of stands just off Bergenline in West New York, especially El Tio Taco, which makes a phenomenal tortilla and has a good trompo:

As for other places with great tacos in Queens, I’m a fan of Carniceria Mexicana on Northern, the weekend barbacoa de borrego at Cinco de Mayo, and the pernil at San Antonio Farm. All three have write ups on my website.

Los Tacos No. 1 is fantastic, and always consistent… but damn do I hate Chelsea Market and the madhouse that is involved with their line.

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Thanks for the recs! They all look very promising. Although I think I’m going to hit the barbacoa at Cinco de Mayo next. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had any.

Glad LT#1 has your endorsement, they are quite good I must admit although pricey compared to the excellent $1 tacos I’m accustomed to in LA. I’m also quite fond of their sister restaurant Los Mariscos. Fortunately they’ve since opened another taco outlet in Times Square and its not as crowded as Chelsea Market.