June 2017 Weekend Rundown

Early start to the weekend chicken and waffles (&eggs) at Pann’s. Excellent fried chicken wings! Had a Pulp Fiction diner flashback moment… I know, I know it wasn’t this diner


That’s chicken? It looks like a prehistoric sculpture dug up from the melting permafrost.

Chicken wings, didn’t get a flattering angle.

Or maybe it’s a giant orange ginger root.

Are their wings still huge?

Didn’t think they were huge, medium sized not the giant mutants I occasionally encounter.

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Pann’s used to have a huge chunk of the breast meat attached to their wings.


Painter’s Tape in Gardena.

Breakfast salad (braised pork belly, beef fat potatoes, fried egg):

Potatoes saltado with a fried egg added (onion, tomato, red wine vinegar, green chilies, aji):

Both dishes were very good and this place is a nice change from everything else in the area. Loved their yuzu lemonade as well. Apparently the chef worked at MB Post for a long time.



Also tried Painter’s Tape like @thechez5. :smiley:

Pepper fried chicken bun, honey mustard, dill pickle:

Stewed organic rice, tomato and chicken bone broth, egg yolk, crispy things (I asked for yolk on the side):

The chicken bun was just fine - the chicken was juicy and nicely fried, it had the obligatory lettuce, tomato, and pickle, sauce was your standard honey mustard, but the bun was dry and boring, like something out of a package. Honestly, that bun made it feel like a McChicken Plus, which was disappointing because it could be so much better with just a few tweaks. The other sandwiches sounded more interesting and are hopefully served on a different bun. (I admit I’m a bit persnickety about my bread, though, so it may be an immaterial detail to others.)

On the other hand, the stewed rice was homey and comforting and just a yummy little bowl of Asian breakfast porridge. The self-described “crispy things” are pieces of FRIED CHICKEN SKIN (bacon who?) and some kind of puffed rice/grain bits. The rice isn’t overly stewed, so it retains most of its texture and shape - more risotto than jook. There are slivered scallions, stewed cherry tomato halves, and a few little bits of umeboshi that add flavor and depth to the mild chicken broth, and once you mix in the raw egg yolk (which I did after spooning some out for the egg-allergic kiddo), it becomes nice and rich and creamy.

It’s like something your Asian mom or grandmother would make you when you’re sick or when it’s cold, except she had this glorious moment of inspiration and threw freaking fried chicken skin on it because she’s awesome and she loves you.

Very friendly folks, totally casual vibe. It’s counter service - you tick off an order sheet close to the entrance and order/pay at the counter. They give you a number, you get your own silverware/napkins/water, the food is brought to your table, and you self bus. Small-ish portions for those with bigger appetites. Open 8-3 daily.


Kim Ky-Little Saigon

Menu. Chiu Chow-Viet joint. Next to the Garden Mall and all the Vietnamese Grandpas-Veterans chilling outside.

Probably housemade Sacha Sauce, but can’t confirm.

The broth is light. Lots of good stuff to dip in the sacha.

Leek Cakes. Very leeky. Obvi!!

And THE dish to get here and on everyone’s table. Egg and Rice Cakes. For a moment you are somewhat transported to Saigon’s Chinatown in which you might have this for breakfast or a snack.

Walked over to another Little Saigon classic, Le Crossiant Dore for a big cup of sugarcane juice.


Koko Chicken-Garden Grove

Dare I say they fry a better chicken than OB Bear, Prince, and other Korean Fried Chicken places.

Got the 10 piece drumsticks with Sweet and Spicy

Damn!! This is seriously some damn good fried chicken. Absolutely perfect!!!


Nijiya tuna cutting event - Piece #4 (from the left) came home with us…


went to charcoal last night; had to try that aged duck.

which was pretty fucking great. if i’m picking nits, it was a smidge overcooked.

very nice restaurant, despite being constructed like a raquetball court. it was
fun watching the server – who was excellent – mouth things at me.

all the food was pretty terrif. excellent vegetables. crikey, even the salmon was
really good.

i’d totes go again.


I thought my fortune was gently chiding me.


Nice! Re: the bun. My SO had the pork toro sandwich and it had the same awful bun. He said that besides the bun, it was pretty good.

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What location was this?

Night+Market Song, Salt & Straw and of course Ricky’s fish tacos!


Nijiya on Sawtelle

Just my luck I was over there and looking for sashimi and didn’t stop in.

I ended up going to Tokyo Central but wasted hours of my time.