June 2017 Weekend Rundown

Father’s Day at Fuji Grill & Buffet Glendale…


Still haven’t been there. Is one of those chicken?


chickn shack with some extra herb mayo on the side + hot sauce = amazing

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Apple Pan


Twohey’s Veggie Deluxe Ciabatta: grilled eggplant, zucchini, red onions, Portobello mushrooms, onion sprouts and tomato with roasted red pepper sauce (added Swiss cheese).

Very tasty, messy, and definitely what I wanted. Fries were okay to good (had forgotten I was going to order onion rings). Started with a house salad with decent blue cheese dressing and finished with a strawberry ice cream/bittersweet chocolate fudge sundae.

Lots of veggies/some fruit, so it was healthy, of that I’m certain.

Also, it’s not totally reflected in the current online menu, but Twohey’s seems to be in the middle of a revamp (prices going up, less selection, more higher-end things - several dishes with truffle, lobster, and the in-the-restaurant menu mentions the chef by name; also they’re no longer advertising, that I could see, serving Fosselman’s ice cream). That being said, am still happy to go back.

Dining companions had sand dabs (not listed on online menu) and some sort of veggie-laden omelette.



We were able to go up to SF and San Mateo for a quick follow-up trip from our last visit.

Quick Ramen Lunch at Santa Ramen:

A charming, tasty, neighborhood Izakaya with some of the best-tasting, affordable Sake I’ve seen anywhere at Izakaya Ginji:

The best meal we had on this trip, and the best Modern Mexican cuisine I’ve ever had at Californios:

And we finished off the trip with a visit to 3 of the most recommended FTC Bakeries in the area for some excellent Breakfast Pastries at Arsicault Bakery (Revisit), Tartine Bakery (Revisit) and B. Patisserie:

Like before, another wonderful trip overall and a huge thanks again to @beefnoguy @PorkyBelly @BradFord @ipsedixit @SFDiner @sfchris @Emglow101 @chinchi @paranoidgarliclover and so many others for their recommendations. :slight_smile:

We will be back to try more of the list!

Thank you again!


on her way home from broken horn, principessa kindly and generously stopped off at corner beef noodle house.

man, that beef noodle soup is outtasite. sausage tastes real but a little sweet pour moi.
xo noodles tasty.

im thinking that soup is as good an asian soup as ive had here in the los angeles – hard g, long e, please – area.


Spent the weekend in Napa.
Upon our arrival in town, we immediately started a walking snack tour of some of our favorite haunts downtown since we had skipped lunch.
Morimoto Napa
I wanted nigiri and he wanted rolls. Some of the best fish I’ve ever had…the rice was fantastic and the fish was exceptionally handled. They also make the best fried soft shell crab roll we both have ever had…this one is our new favorite and we’ll compare every fried soft shell crab roll to this from now on. Drinks were good, too.

Gott’s Roadside (Oxbow Market)
We have to stop here for the ahi poké crispy tacos every time we’re close by. They are insanely good. A nice poké mix with slaw, aioli, a slice of avocado, and sprinkled with sesame seeds and green onion. We usually hit this up more than once while we’re here…had two orders with a good fried soft shell crab sandwich before heading to the airport home.

Napa Valley Distillery (Oxbow Market)
I’ve been wanting to try this place for a while. They make their own spirits, bitters, and barrel-age cocktails that they bottle and sell…there’s even a factory tour down the street. They make their vodka with Sauvignon Blanc grapes…which is super interesting because you do get an essence of the wine in the liquor. But their gin…it is phenomenal. Unlike the U.K. style gins which are heavy on spices (and taste super medicinal to me), this one is floral with a touch of well-rounded spice. I loved it so much, I bought the Gin & Tonic set they had on special…makes the best gin & tonic I’ve ever had and I don’t even like gin.

This is one of the most efficient bang-bangs ever…everything within a 5-10 minute walking distance. What a way to start a Napa trip.


Thanks for giving me the first day of our Napa trip :relaxed:. Great!

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Haha… @TheCookie that was our first meal in Napa…part two will come as I find time later today and tomorrow. On this adventure will be TORC (downtown Napa) and Bottega (Yountville). We only hit our wine clubs this trip Delgadillo Cellars (St. Helena/downtown Napa), Sojourn Cellars and Adastra (downtown Sonoma). Schramsberg was completely booked, so I had to settle for Domaine Carneros by Taittinger as the lone champagne house to introduce our friends to.

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wait, they have champagne houses in Napa?


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@Ns1 Schramsberg, Chandon, Taittinger, Krug, and Roederer (sp?) all have their American/Napa outlets in the Napa/Sonoma area. They have to call it sparkling, but they all practice methode champenoise. Most people say Schramsberg is the best of them, but I’ve never been. I’ve only been to Chandon and Taittinger…Chandon is great if you want to learn more about the process, Taittinger is good if you want champagne with a great view. We were with friends and it was their first time in the valley so we picked the view for them.


booking trip to Napa ASAP

I don’t love wine but I’ll drink the hell out of champagne. Thanks!


@Ns1 You’re like my cousin who works the line at Chef’s Table at/by Brooklyn Fare.
I like them all!
Let me know if you make it to Schramsberg. It’s been 6 years since we started making regular pilgrimages up there to use our club perks, and I still haven’t managed to book a cave tour. It’s $70 per person, but well-regarded. I will have to commit to it next year.

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Sounds Lovely @attran99

Taittinger would be nostalgic for me. It was the first glass of champagne my parents shared with me.

Have fun! Looking forward to more!

:champagne: :clinking_glasses: :grapes: :cheese:


I love soft shell crab… ::sigh::

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Check out the twice-yearly Schramsberg parties. One in summer and in fall. $150 for club members and worth every penny.

They get the best restaurants/vendors (including Bottega) and crowd size is very limited because of parking. Maybe under 200 people, several hours of eating and drinking.

Will have to dig for pictures. You must do the cave tour.

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ah, I see.

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@BubblyOne Alas, we’re not Schramsberg members. That may change after the cave tour next year. I have enjoyed the sparklers from there previously.

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Is champagne not merely sparkling wine from the Champagne region or France?