June 2024 Rundown

Welcome to June!

An abalone jook for June, at Mountain Cafe (Ktown)…


Love this jook. Though I get it more for the jangjorim (beef) and turnip banchan. Good miyeok guk there too :slight_smile:


Any of y’all get lucky just now in the Hayato sweepstakes?

Did you really BYOA (bring your own abalone)??? :slight_smile:

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Yes! Canned abalone in Supreme sauce from 99 Ranch Market. The server didn’t seem to mind at all.


That’s an OG move! Love it.

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Aladin Market on Vermont (Bengali). I’ve been a fan for years. All the food in the last picture cost $25.


Can’t recall if I had posted about this place previously, but I did eat there this month. :slight_smile:

Hey, Sunshine in Culver City. Vegan. Unlike Veggie Grill, which makes me kind of sad b/c much of the food there is severely lacking in textural contrast and in flavor, this place seems to get it right. As far as I can tell, owned by 2 sisters (they have a cookbook prominently displayed near the cashier).

I’ve only had the chickpea patties (twice) there. Partner has had a few dishes, incl jackfruit tacos (I think?). He had the burger yesterday.

Cheese is almost convincing. They wisely distract w/ some fried onions.


You know it hits when the Thai Consulate folks are there.

Roasted Duck by Pa Ord


In a totally random part of the West LA near Santa Monica (near the now-defunct Marukai). Partner tried this place for the first time last wk and then we went today to try lunch.

That isn’t a staged photo. That’s actually what his coffee looked like.

The place is also apparently has a wine club and evening (some nights) BBQ (burgers and steaks, not ribs, as far as I can tell).

When I looked at the prices for brunch/lunch, I was like, “Ohmigod, the salad is $20???” And then the salads were delivered.

Okay, these look like $20 salads. They apparently mainly (only?) use ingredients from the Santa Monica FMs.

And, thankfully, they taste like $20 salads. My Greek salad was so full of lovely chopped herbs and shallots (in addition to the obvious tomatoes). Was wondering if the burrata had been sprinkled w/ the sansho that @aaqjr had mentioned in the Home Cooking thread.

Hope to try the evening BBQ in the relatively near future.

Outdoor area is very cute (this is only like a quarter of the outdoor seating area):


Kiff Kafe has great latte art and all the patio vibes… I tried the BBQ night there, but the product just wasn’t that great.

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Ah, that’s too bad to hear. Welp, I’ll just stick w/ the pretty salads (which my system badly needed after Willie Mae’s on Thursday…). :slight_smile:


Looks like the dinner popup’s maybe not BBQ, just a grill.

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The last of the spring peas at Hayato…

#SixBowlsLater #BigmouthStrikesAgain

My backyard mulberries made the cut! As always, a superb gastronomic trip to Japan, courtesy of Brandon-san and Team Hayato…


Bar Monette in SM


Looks beautiful. Did you like the food?

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I liked it, small place with an open kitchen. Just 3 cooks in the kitchen small maybe 40 50 seats tops. The potato and raclette agnolotti with the caviar butter sauce was excellent Scallop Crudo with blood orange and fennel was really good as well tasted like there was some green garlic in there as well. Really liked the crust on the pizzas, very flavorful the zucchini flower was my favorite. The mortadella I liked but the prosciutto that was on there as well totally overpowered it. Tried one dipping sauce (the Sugo on the menu) the Jalapeño tonnato was excellent.

Pizza is not Sei level but it is good and I like that they are trying something more ambitious. I’d go back, my only quibble it I wish the menu was a bit bigger another pasta and a less expensive protein like a conserva or meatball.


Me too. Or just changed a bit and added or removed a couple items.

But what they do is very well done, IMHO.

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Looking for a place Saturday night for 2 around echo park, silver lake or hwood. Recs plz

elf cafe. luv2eat. found oyster. all-time. quarter sheets.

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