JuneBaby - Seattle

Went for lunch on a Saturday. Arrived about 30 minutes early and was 3rd in line. There was about 50 people in line when they opened but I believe everyone got seated.


buttermilk biscuits & pure sugar cane
Biscuits were great, more soft than flakey, buttery, and fresh.

chicken gizzard & buttermilk dressing
Tender and crispy

pork neck bones, lima bean salad, florida brown rice & gravy
The lima bean salad was served cold on the hot rice which was odd but everything tasted really good.

gulf shrimp with geechie boy grits & red sauce
The shrimp was very lightly battered and perfectly fried, loved the pickled fiddlehead ferns and red sauce.

june pie
Highlight of the meal, basically a donut shaped moonpie with a strawberry jelly in the middle.

strawberry cornmeal shortcake
Pretty good, shortcake was a bit too dense.

not toto

2122 NE 65th St
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 257-4470


I had intended to post back to my comments on this but I’ll add it here.

After eating there about ten days ago I’ve thought about it. While I said I’d go back, I probably won’t. It’s good Southern food. But ya know what? I can make it at least as good and maybe better. As can anyone with a decent Southern cookbook. While I never want a business to fail, I think they’re going to wind up changing their menu hugely to succeed long term.

PS: We got there maybe ten minutes after opening and walked right in, waited maybe ten minutes and were seated. The bar seating was empty when we arrived and there were several available tables when we were seated.

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Dessert looks good…the items you ordered looked interesting. I tried to get a reservation while I’m in town, but they are booked solid through mid-October. I’m not game enough to wait in line before they open, so I’m going to pass on this one. Thanks for the photos, @PorkyBelly!

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Oops, kept meaning to move my photos over from the other non-specific thread.

Chicken gizzards

Pig maw with the most perfectly poached egg I’ve ever seen/touched/eaten.


Pork craklins

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Ohhh, you were in Seattle. I :heart: eating when I was there. Did you post any other meals? Any seafood?

P.S. Too bad about the Shortcake. Your picture looks good enough to eat.

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every chance i got.

thanks, loved seattle too.

Taylor Shellfish



Il corvo

One day i’ll post my pictures of sushi kashiba.


Just saw he’s opening another place…next door.