Just checking in

ipsedixit from Chowhound

Robert, thank you for setting this up


Just adding a reply so the post doesn’t look so lonely… :wink:

Anybody want to volunteer to moderate the LA category?

Thanks for setting this up. Anxious to see how it works!

Testing to see board capabilities.

Here’s some food!

Golden State Burger. Lovely USDA Prime Beef. I can use bold! :smile:

The Golden State Burger

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Looks good (the pic, that is). I’ll try to take some shots this weekend (if I remember!) to see how the board handles multiple photos in a single post (unless someone else wants to try first).

I’d be happy to, Robert.


Checking in. Guess I’ll stick with the same name for now.

Nice! liking this already…thanks for setting this up.

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ipsedixit, you are now a moderator. Did the system send you a message about that?

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Thanks for setting this up! Nice to be here. I am very much enjoying the facebook page, too.

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Are we sure that ipse has the necessary credentials to moderate? Wouldn’t we better if we could recruit a CH moderator to at least provide training?

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There’s not much to moderating, just deal with spam (which Discourse handles to some extent automatically) and trolls.

I didn’t think Chowhound moderation was as good as it used to be in the last couple of years, at least on the SF Bay Area board.

Robert, great job! Signing up and in was logical and easy.

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Robert, I was just kidding re ipse not having the qualifications to be a moderator! Certainly would not want the CH style of moderation here. It was IMHO often very intrusive. Thanks Robert for setting this up. It looks great!

I have not, robert.

Although now there is a little icon next to my name.

thank you for setting this up, and thank you ipse for moderating.

Thanks ipse for doing this. I was just kidding that you’d need training by CH!

J_L_ (this site won’t let me have the user handle J.L.)… checking in!!!

ok—I’m here now too. So far this looks really good. Thanks Robert for setting this up and Ipse for gathering all the LA hounds!