Just ordered from Katz for Father’s Day!

Well there might be a couple bites left . How long does the package last in the heat ? 2 day shipping turned into 6 . That’s B.S .

Who knows? I emailed Katz’s about this. This isn’t their fault but I’m royally annoyed. So much for last night’s dinner of pastrami sandwiches and bagels et al today.

I would be royally annoyed. It would be never again for me . I hope it turns out well.

Well, it’s UPS fault but I will certainly talk to Katz’s about it. I’d looked forward to doing this occasionally. But not if UPS is in charge. And it’s so close. How about fucking UBER? Thanks for your sympathy, EM. :slight_smile: xoc

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Yeah I love when UPS does this, arbitrarily changing delivery dates on packages. I’ve shipped things next day second day and they’ve gotten there a week later with delays and what not. Katz’s will file a claim and get reimbursed by UPS for missing it’s shipping guarantee. You aren’t really UPS’s customer here. Katz’s is. They will also be the ones to make this up to you, and they should.

Thanks for the background. And, yeah, that’s what I’m anticipating from Katz’s. With that free shipping I’d already been thinking about doing this a few times a year. AND recommending it to others. I intend to speak “live” with someone at Katz’s and be terribly sad :slight_smile: My birthday was a week ago and my husband took me on a helicopter ride around Lake Tahoe. Harumph.

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Ridiculous service, although typical for UPS, IME. The pastrami and knoblewurst will probably be in ice packs, and should be fine. The rye bread and bagels on the other hand, will likely be stale and inedible after 6 days. Any grocery store rye bread will probably be better than what Katz sent you anyway, even if it were fresh. (TJ’s corn rye is pretty good, although denser than I prefer.)

For heating, when we take home pastrami from Langer’s, we follow their directions, but using a toaster oven: “Remove Pastrami from all packaging and wrap loosely in tin foil. Place it on a pan and put it in a preheated 350-degree oven for approximately 5 minutes. Place a cup of water inside the oven to prevent drying.” Works like a charm. Depending upon the amount you’re heating, it might take a little longer.

I just took a look at their online ordering, and the whole pastrami, 4.1–4.7 lbs for $83.95 (vs $32/lb) looks like a great deal, assuming there’s not too much waste. Hopefully it doesn’t come frozen – we would pack much of it and freeze it for later. In our experience with Langer’s, pastrami freezes pretty well. Anyway, that and a knoblewurst ring for $17.95 would put us right there at free-shipping-for-$100. I think we can handle everything else locally.

When we’re in our Manhattan apartment and want deli delivered, we don’t order from Katz’s because they charge $20 (!) for delivery. While we like their pastrami, we are fans of Sarge’s’ pastrami. Sarge’s is much closer to our apt. than Katz’s when we want to eat at the restaurant. When we order delivery, since Sarge’s is open 24/7, delivery is available 24/7 irrespective of the weather (their employees do the delivering). And there is no delivery charge!

Sarge’s’ pastrami is a different style than Katz’s. Ordering at the restaurant and for delivery, I always specify “very fatty!” When getting delivery, I never order sandwiches; instead, I get the pastrami by the pound, order a few rye slices, and make the sandwiches myself. I always order more than enough pastrami to take some back to NJ. The rye bread Sarge’s uses is somewhat better than the horrible rye at Katz’s. Sometimes, if I know we’ll be ordering delivery, I bring along excellent rye bread from the Jewish Bakery near our house. As for reheating pastrami, I use the steamer basket method, and the pastrami comes out juicy every time.


How does Sarge’s compare to 2nd Ave Deli in that part of town?

Inspired by this thread. Last night’s supper run. Katz’s pastrami & corned beef combo - stacked for yin-yang effect. Washed down with an egg cream.


I had first thought I would get that but then saw this at the bottom of that page:

"Katz’s only recommends whole pastramis for those who know how to carve pastrami as it is a delicate process.

Also, please note that our Whole Pastrami requires ADDITIONAL cooking time.


  1. Place in a large pot of boiling water.

  2. Boil the pastrami for 3 hours, or until tender . (Use a fork to test for tenderness) Be sure to watch the water level so that the water does evaporate. the pastrami should be submerged in water at all times.

  3. When tender, remove from water and heat, and trim any excess fat, if so desired.

  4. Slice against the grain for maximum flavor and softness."

So I wimped out :slight_smile:

Thanks all for the heating ideas. RGR, I’m leaning towards steaming. Seems like it would be hard to screw up. Thanks as always, my NY food goddess :slight_smile:

Okay, as I anticipated I finally heard back from Katz’s. They’ll send a new order out tomorrow for delivery on Weds. She said their rule of thumb is if the meat is still cool to the touch then it’s fine. So it should be here tomorrow - the first batch. So his Father’s Day brunch/lunch was menudo and Margaritas (plural - just two).

That’s quite a compliment, @catholiver! Thank you!

I was an old CH and always loved your posts. Lived vicariously :slight_smile: Need to get back to your glorious city. Best, C

@Sgee, Re: Sarge’s vs. 2nd Ave. Deli. When it comes to pastrami, no contest. Sarge’s is way superior. They make their own while I read somewhere that 2nd Ave. gets their pastrami from a kosher supplier (Hebrew National?). What I order at 2nd Ave. is knoblewurst. Sarge’s doesn’t have it.

By the way, we’ve had the smoked salmon and smoked sable platter(includes cream cheese and bagels) at Sarge’s and had it delivered. Surprisingly, very good.

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I looked at Sarge’s and was sad :slight_smile: that they don’t ship. LOL.

@catholiver, They certainly do ship nationwide. 18% off nationwide orders.

P.S. That photo is no exaggeration! When Mr. R. and I eat there, we share one sandwich. To practice further portion control, the first thing we do is remove about half the meat which we take to our apartment, refrigerate, and then take back to NJ. Plenty for another sandwich. At that point, the pastrami is cold, so that’s when the steaming comes into play.

Oh wow. And, yes, Bob and I always share so this would be a double-share. Thanks, my friend. I value you.

@RGR thanks for the lowdown on Sarge’s! Next on my pastrami hit list & I love they’re open 24/7 too.

Aaaugh my smoked salmon list just got longer again :sob:: :laughing:

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