Just ordered from Katz for Father’s Day!


Had to hit $100 for free two day shipping.

2# sliced pastrami
1/2 loaf sliced rye bread
deli mustard (I got this cause I only have the yellow stuff and Dijon)
everything bagels
knoblewurst/garlic rings

Delivery scheduled for Friday. Likely can’t wait til Sunday :slight_smile:


Nice treat.

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Husband not father. He’s worth it and then more :slight_smile:

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Drooling —- THIS is the best thing at Katz’s.

Oh goody :slight_smile: As I said, I needed to bump up my purchase just a bit to get the free shipping. I’d not heard of this but their photo looked VERY good. Thanks.
Image result for knoblewurst

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Well, I am a hot dog lover, and these are like a delicious kosher knockwurst. I used to have a guy years ago who would send them every month to my office, when I had an office, and I’d blacken them in an electric skillet.

At Katz’s, They keep them on the grill and get them nice and brown and then they slice them and put them on rye bread with mustard.

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You made my salivary glands do a little happy dance :smile:


Let me ask you. Do you think I should barely MW, i.e., 10 seconds? for the pastrami for sandwiches? I do that with leftover steak and keep it rare. Oh, and I do it on a small wood cutting board. TIA. PS: Getting excited :slight_smile:

I’ve done that, but I’m sure most on this board will frown upon it LOL!!

I’ve tried a quick steam too, but personally I think a few seconds of nuke is perfect.

@catholiver this is a great thread. Thank you!

I didn’t know you could mail-order Katz’s!
Can you please send photos of how the food looks when it arrives?

Wellllll, I guess the package “missed the flight” in Louisville and I’ve not been getting any other info.

But, yeah, I’m just talking about taking the chill off since this will have been chilled for two days. And when I’ve had it in NYC it had some warmth to it.

I’ll report back.

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I definitely will. In the meantime


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Probably when tsa scanned the box . I’ll need to take a better look at this . Katzs , I just need a little taste . Lol

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That’s really hilarious. The package arrived last night and then “missed the flight” this morning. And UPS website is not helping me. Bon appetite TSA :slight_smile:

Of course . A little midnight snack . Checked as . Da bomb .


I just hope it’s not sitting in the sun somewhere. Rather TSA than that.

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Well, it’s in the vicinity and should be delivered by mid-morning. I’ll check for teeth marks!

Would sous vide be an ideal way of reheating?

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I am no expert, other than being fat and Jewish. But I would think that would work really really well.

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That’s a good idea. I do have a SV thingy (what are they called). But one time I have some leftover steak when we were in a motel with no MW. I ran water through the coffee maker, put the meat in a zipping bag and got the chill off it. Thanks. I’m going to give this some thought.

PS: NOW UPS is showing delivery not til effing Monday. BS. I’ve contacted Katz’s to see if they can help. It was in Sparks, NV, at 7AM which is about 15 minutes from Reno :frowning: