Just what the wine world was craving . . . NOT!


Hey man quit bogarting the Ace of Spades!

(The following occurs as one Bro orders Japanese tapas at the new Harajuku-themed Vegas club which also doubles as a chic restaurant lounge)

Bro: “I’ll have, umm, the wagyu shooters, toro/truffle/caviar/gold flake ball in uni-bath, live hamachi drizzled with sriracha ‘rain,’ annnndd the 14 oz. fried truffle steak with ponzu air.”
Model Waitress: “And what to drink?”
Bro: “Ace of Spades, with a shot of Peach Ciroc, on the rocks.”
Model Waitress: “What?” (she can’t understand the patron as he happened to announce his order in unison with the pulsating EDM beat)
Bro (visibly frustrated): “Just gimme a toke from that Chambong!!”
Model Waitress: “Got it.”


For the love of God, why?

Destroys all the things that make Champagne special. May they choke on frogs eyes.

How does the song go?

“Rolling down the street, smoking…fppphhhhhhhhhhhhh sippin’ on my Chambong, laid back, with my mind on my money and my money on my mind.” The crowd sings along as the DJ motions for all the “bros” and “ladies” to toke, I mean sip, from the Chambongs they purchased when they reserved table service. I think that’s how it’s supposed to work…

May Salon blanc de blancs never touch that party instrument.

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