JZhou dim sum: Easily LA top 3

So I’ve been coming here for close to a year now. The dim sum is stellar. Dinner is even better. Former owner of Elite sold Elite and opened this one. The dim sum is a welcome change from the same old offerings one gets at Elite and Sea Harbour. The quality is just as good. I personally rank it above both since the items are more novel. Beancurd rolls are wrapped with assorted mushrooms and steamed instead of the usual meat filling. Lighter, healthier, and surprisingly even tastier for this unabashed carnivore. The soup dumplings with sea cucumber in soup (more refined version of sharkfin dumplings), house special seafood dumplings, and the steamed rice paper with spinach and fish paste are stellar and not found at Elite or Sea Harbour. The steamed rice paper with spinach and fish paste is actually wrapped with crispy fried beancurd and then in stamped rice paper. The texture and flavor millefeuille is a home run.

There is a lot of griping on yelp regarding price. The pricing is on par with Elite and Sea Harbor. The decor and ambience several times better.

Dinner prices can run high. I highly recommend the fried chicken knee. The roast suckling pig is a clear notch better than Elite’s version and I’m a big fan of the Elite version

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i heard elite & jzhou are run by the same group, so i’d expect them to be similar - though i understand the prices are even higher than what they’d be on the west side.

Not to get sidetracked.

But word is that Sea Harbour’s days may be numbered. (I stress “may” and not “will”).

Special order suckling pig at JZhou. The skin is another level of lacquered crispy here. The meat is moist and tender.

Ipse, oh no! :frowning:

Say it isn’t so.

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Great post. To help visitors, maybe post their Address & Phone # (I know people can Google that LOL).

I’ll have to drag myself out to that area and give it a try. Sounds phenomenal.


What is happening to Sea Harbour? Please tell what you know :tired_face:

BTW to Robert, Ipse and all…

Loving the new Multi Picture capabilities on this site! Thanks Porthos for showing it off so nicely! :smiley:

So much better than Chowhound’s clunkiness. Each pic is easy to click and expand.


I agree. I have think for me Elite dim sum was pretty average last time I went (about two months ago). J Zhou has consistently been stellar. I do think for the price, Happy Harbour slightly edges out J Zhou. I really appreciate the delicate flavors of some of their dishes, and their dried scallop egg white fried rice is great. Crowds have killed that parking lot though.

I thought J. Zhou was related to Happy Harbor. http://blogs.ocweekly.com/stickaforkinit/2014/06/j_zhou_oriental_cuisine_tustin.php

So it’s in LA or Tustin?

Tustin, just over the border from Irvine.

I’ll have to give it another go based on your rec. If I remember correctly, my impression from just after they had opened was something along the lines of; it was highly refined but, at the expense of flavor.

i think all 3 are related, but i can not substantiate this