Kaminari gyoza in little Tokyo

Walked past daikokuya and saw a new gyoza specialist opened next door. Called Kaminari gyoza and has Utsunomiya written in japanese only. Utsunomiya is possibly the most gyoza crazy part of japan so that is good news. Only doing take out, looks like they just opened. The website doesn’t work, but here os the toast menu.



welcome, looks good.


Welcome to FTC! I really enjoyed my visit to try the famed gyoza of Utsunomiya at the (odd but charming Izakaya Kayabuki, where trained monkeys are the servers). Looking forward to this new eatery. Thanks!


It’s just plain lousy marketing planning to
put up an incomplete website,particularly without an”under construction” flag. Why frustrate potential customers?


There’s also a Yelp page but with little info: https://www.yelp.com/biz/kaminari-gyoza-los-angeles-2

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what’s the difference of gyoza from here& tokyo or other cities?

also… …

my favorite was the shrimp, followed by the pork and chicken. the wrappers were thin and supple. the bottoms were cooked a little unevenly and didn’t have a skirt, but most of them were golden with a slight crisp. get the cilantro chili sauce.

they’re still in soft opening so takeout only. I would wait until their dining room is open so you can eat these piping hot.


gyozas were frozen if anybody cares.

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fucking love gyoza
gotta try the new place in little tokyo