Kansas City, MO

Going to Paris of the Plains this weekend and wanted to see if anyone had any must-try spots or recommended dishes. I’m planning on cramming in as much BBQ as I can hold, so any thoughts would be muy appreciated. Right now, I’ve read some about these:

  • Oklahoma Joe’s
  • LC’s
  • Jack Stack
  • Danny Edwards
  • Woodyard
  • Gates

Any thoughts? Or any non-BBQ in case I OD on the sauce? Thanks!

For OK Joe’s definitely get there in time for burnt ends (Wed and Sat, if I recall correctly), and go to the original gas station location, not the more fancy gussied up one.

May be a bit of a drive (depending on which locale you’re at), but Pigwich is a worth a visit as is Novel, which I’ve heard nothing but good things about from friends…

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This is great. Thank’ya!

Good call on burnt ends - just switched that trip from Friday lunch to Saturday lunch accordingly. And I’ll try to make it to those others. Novel looks interesting and could be a good change of pace.

Will report back.

Holaaaa. Back from KC with veins full of BBQ sauce. Here’s a rundown:

Gates BBQ
Arrived into KC late night, and Gates was the only BBQ place open and on the way to the hotel.

  • Ordered: To-go mixed plate with beef brisket, pork and ribs. Side of BBQ beans and fries.
  • Good: Brisket and pork were really tender. Sauce was good, if a bit on the vinegary side. The cashier was great, even though it was late. She had nail polish that changed colors like a mood ring, which she showcased by pulling out ice from the soda machine and rubbing it on her nails to make them change.
  • Bad: Not really bad, but the ribs didn’t have much meat on them, so it was kind of a non-item.

LC’s Bar-B-Q
Went for lunch. Could smell it from miles away.

  • Ordered: Burnt ends (50/50). Mixed plate of beef brisket, pork and ribs. Side of fries and fried okra.
  • Good: The Burnt Ends were really great. And being there was the best. It was dark and smokey and the people were great. The food was messy and exactly what you’d hope a hole-in-the-wall BBQ place would be. It felt like a real-life Freddy’s from House of Cards. A guy, who someone said was LC’s son, asked where we were from. We said “L.A.” He asked if there was any good BBQ in L.A. We said, " Yeah, a place called Bludso’s." He said, “Barf.”
  • Bad: So full.

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que (Formerly Oklahoma Joe’s)
Went to the gas station location. The line was well out the door, but a couple people said “this is nothing.” It’s amazing how a table magically opens up when you need one after you order.

  • Ordered: Burnt ends. Mixed plate of beef brisket, pulled pork and ribs. Zman sandwich. Sides of coleslaw, BBQ beans and potato salad.
  • Good: The ribs were the standout for me. So much meat on the bone and so tender. I didn’t have the full Zman, but I did get a couple bites of one, and it was good too. It felt different, which was nice after having similar mixed plates of meat and sauce and bread.
  • Bad: Maybe too much hype between people I talked to and Bourdain’s old list of places to eat before you die. Still really good, but overall, kind of felt more like an attraction. Also, not inherently bad, but I found it interesting that 99% of the patrons were white. Just an observation.

Other non-BBQ stops:

Tannin Wine Bar & Kitchen
Met up with some Kansas City’ers here. It was fine enough. Had a beet salad and cheese plate to try an balance out the BBQ. People said the burger was pretty ok. It was really loud, but there was also a birthday jamboree at the table behind us, so it could have just been rotten timing.

Oddly Correct - Coffee
Was within walking distance from the hotel. Good pour-over. They’re proud to not have any cream available. I don’t use cream, but don’t you dare ask for any.

Pryde’s Kitchen - Store & Pie Shop
Seemed to have really good deals on Le Creuset shtuff and German knives. Didn’t have the pie because it wasn’t BBQ, but you could get a whole one for $20, which seemed like a good deal for a freshly baked pie.

Filling Station - Coffee
This is my sister’s boyfriend’s coffee shop, so needless to say, it’s the best coffee I’ve ever had.

Ibis Bakery
This is my sister’s boyfriend’s bakery, so needless to say, it’s the best bakery I’ve ever had. (But it is a trek outside of the city.)

Shatto Milk Company
They have a bunch of wacky zanky funky LOL so random types of milk. I guess they also make cookie ice-cream sandwiches, but I didn’t try any. I had some sips of the Root Beer and Cotton Candy milks. Nice novelty for a sip or two, but a pint would be a challenge. Reminded me that I haven’t had a glass of milk in many moons. Maybe that’s why my arms fell off while mowing the lawn.

Boulevard Brewing Company
Didn’t get a change to go to the actual brewery, but I did get a bottle of the Farmhouse ale (Tank 7, I think?), and it was good. I like their beers.

Minsky’s Pizza
The type of pizza that has the toppings nestled underneath a summer-weight blanket of cheese. Borderline deep-dish, in the realm of Beau Joe’s Mountain Pies in Colorado, if you’re familiar. If you’re ordering delivery pizza whilst in Kansas City, MO, this would be a good option.

Glace Artisan Ice Cream
Fairly standard ice cream spot. I had PT’s Coffee and Sweet Cream but wish I had been more ambitious. My fiancee got Cream Cheese & Mango because she’s smarter, and it was a good combo.

Overall, good trip! Would love to try some more of the BBQ places some day. If you need me, I’ll be in the corner, eating raw spinach leaves for a week.

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My Pa just sent me this picture. How much would a Post Mates be to ship burnt ends to LA?

Probably cheaper to just fly to KC.

You’re probably right. Looks like I could catch a plane from LA tonight at 12:55am, spend the day in KC eating BBQ, fly back at 3:30pm and land in LA by 5pm… all for $107 + price of BBQ.

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Back from another weekend visit to KC. Didn’t make it to some of the places I would have liked to try but still managed to get an IV of BBQ sauce.

Waffle House
Oh yea babyyy. We’d never been to one. Got: Patty Melt, Hash Browsn (scattered w/ ham, cheese, onion) and Pecan Waffle. Everything was pretty solid, actually. No one should eat all of this alone. I had a quarter of the pecan waffle and felt it coursing through my veins for the rest of the day. All the employees were exceedingly nice.

Oklahoma Joe’s
Still solid, but not my favorite. It’s better than average, for sure, but there’s something about them that seems a bit too sterile. The smoked chicken may have been my favorite.

Jack Stack BBQ
Had the Burnt Ends / Brisket combo. The Burnt Ends were good - big ole chunks -, but I still think LC’s has the best Burnt Ends I’ve had. Dipping the fries in the cheesy corn was a stroke of genius. The beans were choice.

Tin Kitchen
Way out in the middle of no where Weston is the Tin Kitchen. This was my favorite BBQ of the trip. The pulled pork was a silky, tender blast, and the brisket was a thicker cut than the other iterations I had on the trip, which allowed for some nice smokiness to come through. The beans here are wild. Really good. I regret not trying the ribs. Or the whole menu. It’s a beautiful drive, and not too far from the airport, so it may be worth a trip out if you’re around and have some time. Down the street is Joe’s Architectural Salvage yard, which seems like a fun place to have a beer (sadly, they don’t serve on Sundays).

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Fun fact, Joe’s is franchising, with plans to expand to DC and Orlando among other places. Joe Davidson, the original “Joe,” is no longer involved. I agree with you that it does not live up to the hype, but I’m a jaded Kansas Citian who now only eats BBQ with people from out of town.

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I did a 10 day road trip to Lawrence, KS this past Thanksgiving week and some great food in Lawrence!
Went to Port Fonda for some HIbiscus Marg’s and great shrimp tacos with a Mex corn app…
Really good.

Stayed at the Hotel Eldrige in town and had drinks and apps in the bar…food was excellent and I give props to the F&B Manager…turning this place around…their sister hotel, The Oread is a great place to eat and drink too.
Across from the beautiful campus of KU.

Pizza at Papa Keno’s was delicious…thin crust.

I’m visiting KC over NYE and wondering whether to go to The Majestic or Pierpont’s at Union Station for the old school KC chophouse experience. Ambiance is as important as food, btw.

Union Station will be all decked out for the holidays and there will be a ton of people around, which may dilute the old school ambiance you want. Pierpoints’ focus is on elegant atmosphere and wine list, while the Majestic brags about their dry-aged steak and whiskey. If you want chophouse I think you will get closer at the Majestic. They also have live jazz. I really like their KC strip.

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Sold! Thanks :slight_smile: