Kasen Sushi OC

Kasen. Opening salvo sashimi platter: toro, uni, shima aji, tai, scallop.

Kuruma ebi available tonight straight from Japan.


That looks pretty fucking dope.

Sake doesn’t go better with this shit.

And they serve these wines, or was it BYOB

Nice vertical!

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do you ever hit up the other joint on 19th in Costa mesa, right next door, to an in n out

Shibucho? I think poor experience there led him to Kasen


Kurumi ebi is getting harder and harder to find, even in Japan.

The uni was spectacular and sweet.

Either uni season is turning around or that was a tremendous batch.

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Had uni twice on the same night couple weeks back at Kasen. It’s in season for sure and quite stellar. Splendid with a sip of Junmai Daiginjo (I did the Dassai 23), but I can imagine how brilliant it would be with your White Burgundy! They didn’t have Kuruma ebi when I was there, but I did have it recently in NorCal.

Roughly what’s the price range for omakase?

$80-$100+. The sashimi plate will be 20-30% more so get all sushi omakase if you’re trying to keep costs down.

Is that wine any good? LOL

those bottles of wine sound pretty fucking shitty.

even worse than Two Buck Chuck me thinks.

Quite possibly my favorite wine period.


Back again tonight.

Toro as always is pristine. Tonight they did an entire slab of grilled toro in addition to aburi toro sushi.

No kuruma ebi or amaebi until Friday he said.

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That’s more like soy sauce marinated BBQ/grilled toro and not aburi (correct me if I’m wrong though). Even more ridiculous if it came from the cheek/kama area. Which wine de soir went with this tasty piece?

You’re right. We also had aburi toro sushi.

We paired some champagne and meursault perrierers with sushi last night.

End the meal with a toro takuan maki (6 piece cut roll) if you haven’t done so yet there. It’s one of the best renditions of that roll I’ve had to date (though I have yet to try it at Mori).

The uni was so good we ended with uni temaki. Superb.