Kato - Extended Tasting Menu

My ED nurses and ED resident friends would use a leg bag to sneak in some booze to a place. Just the right amount ofquantity! You want more go bilateral!. Most booze can pass for urine on color alone.


For those interested, I’ll even offer to make the disguise complete by inserting an actual Foley catheter. FTC member special $159 only (normally a $859 value)… #SkipTheBathroomBreak #MoreTimeAtTheTable #CAUTIbedamned #Achtung!Pißwasser


OMG - hysterical.
And, you should raise your retail fees

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Went there the other day and another party brought a few bottles of their own wine.

no more takeout


kato is still killing it. their familiar yet different flavor profiles are comforting and exciting at the same time. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad dish here. they’re still byob and their portions are still tiny. come for the food, leave because you’re still hungry.


tapioca, brown butter, uni
stunner as usual

aji, perilla leaf
this reminded me of hayato’s aji bo-zushi, and I later found out this is actually chef yao’s homage to that dish.

tuna, nori
tuna in crispy nori cups, kind of like the tuna poke on nori cracker at liholiho yacht club

milk bread, cultured butter
angler is one of chef yao’s favorite restaurants I wonder if he was inspired by their parker house rolls.

rice, scallion powder
this was meant to be eaten with the savory courses. the rice was so good I could have eaten a bowl for each course. unfortunately you’re limited to one bowl (two, if you ask nicely). I might have to BYORC next time.

caviar, geoduck, koji butter
first of the supplements. the sweet and crunchy geoduck almost steals the show from the astrea caviar. delicious.

3 cup abalone
play on 3 cup chicken, this was sweet and savory with an extra punch of sesame. great with the rice.

lobster, kumquat
a play on orange chicken, the lightly fried lobster was coated in a less sweet orange glaze with kumquat marmalade and cara cara oranges.

fish fragrant black cod
the black cod was perfectly executed with crispy ass skin and flaky, fatty meat. I cleaned the bowl with the rice.

dorade, sesame
if you tried their sesame noodles when they were doing takeout I believe is similar, a play on dan dan. the dorade was not surprising perfectly grilled with kanimiso.

chinese style steamed fish
one of their menu staples that is so comforting, this version uses spanish turbot.

A5 wagyu, fresh bamboo, beef tendon
second supplement of the night. if you had to one supplement this is that one, it was outstanding. the fresh bamboo this time of year is insane. the a5 wagyu was pure luxury and the beef tendon sauce on top reminded me beef pho or a taiwanese beef noodle soup.

yogurt, jasmine, asian pear
great refreshing palate cleanser

boniato yam tapioca, fresh cheese, sable
if you like boba this is for you.


Ugh, I was really looking forward to seeing your bonus post-Kato-bang too.


it was actually a pre-kato-bang at broad street oyster co.


I’m done with Broad Street. Just too much wait for a modicum of meh. Unless I happen to be in Malibu and badly need my wallet vacuumed from a mediocre uni pasta fix with undetectable uni flavor, I’m off to Connie & Ted’s, which is light-years better.


uni pasta went in the garbage

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Quick note, Kato raised the price of their tasting menu to $150 to accommodate for the lose of revenue during quarantine (as well as the reduced seating situation). It’s the same quality as when they were doing it for ~$60 when they opened, but it’s still worth it in my opinion.

Just figured it’s worth mentioning for people watching their spending.


The only problem with Kato is I always left hungry. I wish they had something like the rice course at the end of kaiseki meals, where the chef keeps giving refills to the big American oaf.


thanks for the info, that’s quite the jump from the $118 (without supplements) I paid last week. still worth it imo though.

looks like they did add one non-supplemental course to the menu: cat ear noodles, morel.


I think that’s what the bowl of rice that you’re supposed to eat with the savory courses was intended for, but you only get one bowl. I wish I could order more of the rice.

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Is it bad form to BYOR at a $150pp restaurant?


If I had to, an onigiri rice ball or 2 :rice_ball: :rice_ball: would be easy to sneak in.


Kato / Chef Jon Yao pop-up at the Farmhouse in Ojai on May 27… $395pp, includes wine pairings


indoor reservations opening up


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The empty tables remind me of the nearly empty plates I had last time I was in.


Perhaps, so. There is a chance that one may get not enough food and not enough wine in this deal!
That would be a shame to schlep all the way to Ojai and then look for supplemental eats on the way home.
Thankfully FTC comes through with helpful suggestions on the west valley and Ventura county options.

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