Liholiho Yacht Club

love this place, it reminds of a hawaiian version of animal - lots of well balanced bold flavors.

tuna poke, sesame oil, radish, nori cracker
super fresh and flavorful, loved the crispy nori cracker

duck hearts, kumquat, pistachios, 5-spice glaze
surprise hit of the night, hearts were super tender, dressing had a nice balance of sweet and tart, pistachios were a great textural addition. ducking delicious. Thanks for the rec @Chowseeker1999

hopper shrimp, chicken fried broccolini, miso, tangelo, everything spice
another highlight, this had heat, sweetness, crunch

manilla clams, coconut curry, purple carrots, fresh turmeric, naan
plump juicy clams, with hot and fluffy naan for dipping.

whole maine lobster, preserved black bean sauce
This was okay, the black bean was too strong for the slightly overcooked lobster

fried rice, bay shrimp, house-made spam, abalone mushrooms
Excellent, loved the little bits of crunchy rice.

coconut butter mochi


Hi @PorkyBelly,

Nice report! :slight_smile: Sounds like a wonderful meal and thank you again for your original recommendation for Liholiho. :slight_smile:

I definitely want to go back soon. The shrimp dishes sound like winners.

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Hi @PorkyBelly -

Imagine Poke in an actual Hawaiian restaurant.

Liholiho seems creatively delicious (chicken fried broccoli :wink:).Too bad about the preserved black bean sauce overkill on the lobster dish. I like lobster as simple as possible. That would irritate me. The Manila Clam dish looks :yum:.

Thanks for sharing!

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Reservation for 2 this friday, feb 22 at 645 up for grabs.

Got it!


I highly recommend the hopper shrimp salad, poke, beef tongue bun, fried oyster, clams with naan, duck liver toast, spam fried rice, fried cornish game hen, grilled shortrib, baked hawaii, and the mochi cake.

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Well, I highly recommend you finally loan us your PorkyBelly, so we can accomplish this task. Until then, I’m thinking a cocktail at Louie’s Gen Gen Room, followed by supper at LYC - Clams with Naan and the Grilled Shortribs. Okay, maybe the Hopper Shrimp Salad. Definitely a decadent dessert.

Hey, check this out. Someone is a fan of Liholiho

Look familiar? We had this at Commerson on La Brea.

I usually adore Commerson’s pastry chef, underrated, Liz Sencion‘s desserts, and this Baked Alaska would have been delicious (inside was tres leche cake, passion fruit & coconut ice creams :yum:), but they got a little happy with the mango compote. It reminded me of canned fruit cocktail. And did they set your Baked Hawaii on fire? Well, they did ours…

Gilding the lilly indeed.


sounds good, the gen gen room also has a separate and different food menu than liholiho, just in case you were hungry.

i think the hopper shrimp is a must order. everything on the top of the menu, especially the left side, is pretty small so you can definitely order more from that part of the menu. how much do you usually order at animal?

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If it’s just us two? For dinner - usually two orders of chicken liver toast, one order of pork belly sliders (2), puffed beef tendon and a wild card (whatever vegetable, salad or raw seafood thing that strikes our fancy), one bacon chocolate bar… I miss the panna cotta! I eat about a third of it and homie eats the rest.

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okay based on that this would be a roughly equivalent order (in terms of size) at liholiho:

chicken liver toast = duck liver toast
pork belly sliders = tongue buns or fried oyster ssam
puffed beef tendon = tuna poke
wild card = hopper shrimp
wild card 2 = clams with naan
wild card 3 = grilled shortrib or beef ribs
bacon chocolate bar = baked hawaii or mochi


We should always have @porkybelly design our menus. Even salads and vegetables!


Okay, got it. Most of the servings are small.

I know, right?! So comforting. I don’t have to use my own head.

It’s all about the OOE. :crazy_face: