Katz's is coming to Brooklyn

Very excited to read that Brooklyn is going to get the first outpost of Katz’s. Hopefully they don’t do that ticket thing.

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I’m looking forward to this whole development’s opening almost as much as I am to Bourdain’s market. This one’s in my general neighborhood and will not only house Katz’s but…(from Eater):

“…So far Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbecue has signed on, as has Elmhurst’s famed Arepa Lady (who recently opened her first brick and mortar restaurant). Forcella will be serving pizza, and there will be a pierogi bar, a crepe counter, an outpost of Steve’s Ice Cream, and more”.

This is CH old timer’s catnip, not only because of Leff’s obsession with the Arepa Lady, but because (if you all don’t already know this) Fletchers BBQ is co-owned & pitmaster’ed by long time poster “backyardchef” (Matt), whose place in Gowanus is already great (3rd Ave, Bklyn).



Any update on this project? We’re going to be in Greenpoint/Brooklyn next month.

Sorry… not opening until 2017 (at least):

I’m not surprised but, dang, a Katz’s pastrami sandwich would be nice. As I understand it, getting from Greenpoint to Manhattan isn’t exactly a quick trip :slight_smile: And we have less than a week there.

You may not realize it, but Greenpoint is located at an extreme end of Brooklyn &, depending on where in Greenpoint you’re staying, you may be much closer to Katz’s (& lower Manhattan in general) than you think. The Williamsburg Bridge to Manhattan (only blocks from Katz’s) is a short Uber or taxi ride away & the bridge itself is walkable. Other than the Greenpoint & Williamsburg sections themselves, you’re actually closer to Queens & Manhattan and further away from the rest of Brooklyn. The G train is the only train cutting thru Greenpoint and going north on that line gets you to the 7 train which, in one direction, goes thru Long Island City, then down Roosevelt Ave (past all the Latin & Indian restaurant neighborhoods) all the way to Flushing C’town. And, in the other direction, the 7 train goes right thru Manhattan’s mid-town. The G also connects with other trains going into Manhattan. Of course, taking the G train in the other direction (south) gets you into some Brooklyn neighborhoods (& I recommend doing it), but its a local train and its probably triple the time into the rest of Brooklyn as it is to Manhattan. Just sayin’.

Bless your heart!!! That’s going to help enormously. Thanks, kiddo.