Kazan Beverly Hills

Just caught wind of this new ramen shop from Eater LA (link)

That led me to their Yelp page where I saw this:

and this:

I was not a fan of Tatsu Ramen, but if they are serving a ramen like that, that is pretty badass.
Any reports?


Yeah just saw it on yelp its in beverly hills which I find to be an odd spot. Was gonna try to check it out this week or next week will report back.

IMO Tatsu was great before they opened their West Hollywood outpost and everything started tasting off.

Would love to see if Kazan is a return to form.

I just called their bowls go from $25-$45…jesus

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Oh what thanks for that tip that is most likely a hard pass for me. I’ll let the ftc ballers check it out.



Is somebody gonna justify with the “it’s cheaper than getting on a flight to Japan” line?


LA is slowly becoming the most overpriced city to eat in

White or black truffles?

Zebra truffles grown on wagyu droppings topped with uni and finished with caviar and gold leaf


I’m impressed you even looked. Once I saw the address, I was like, “Nope…”


In defense of restaurant row…

Somni is there along with the beloved lawrys and capital seafood serving the best dim sum west of the 101. Even Angler is row adjacent.

And during dinela fogo de chao isn’t a terrible deal.

i heard the $45 option is broken down into a 7 course tasting menu

first course: negi
second course: beni shoga
third course: moyashi
fourth course: tonkotsu
fifth course: chashu
sixth course: ramen
seventh course: umeboshi


This is a soba restaurant not ramen right? Title should be updated.

Looks like ramen to me. For background, see nuances between ramen vs chuka soba vs soba.

Thank goodness for Venice Ramen and other shops that keeps it real…

@robert changed the title. A rose by any other name, or whatever…

I did some digging:

More here: https://www.pictosee.com/kazanbeverlyhills/

They are very careful not to call their soup noodles ramen, but it smells like basic marketing to me.
Distinguish yourself because you are not like other ramen shops.
You serve wagyu and truffles with your soup noodles.
You are located in Beverly Hills and cost $$$.

Looks like pretty tasty ramen.

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“Ryu” like the Street Fighter character??? :wink:

Looks like they have different thickness of noodles, including something that looks akin to fettuccine. If the $25 version is a decent size and has some stuff that come w/ it (like an egg, please), I might try it. Although I’ll still prob wait for someone else to try it first…

I’m out of my depth here, but aren’t ramen noodles made with kansui and wheat and soba uses no kansui and at least some buckwheat?

I don’t know much about the distinction here so I’m excited to learn more from you all.

I mean I think you’re joking but I guess in LA you never know… ppl would be killing themselves for this new age deconstructed and coursed ramen if two or three publications wrote about it.

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