KCRW Requiem For Chowhound LA


thanks for posting this

It’s supposedly got one more week than that piece notes, but as far as I’m concerned it’s already dead. If I even get to the site comments don’t load for me at all. Seems like they retired their server space. Last time I saw anything they said it was due to hounds overwhelming with scraping old content. :thinking:

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i was going to look up my Chowhound profile but the site won’t load up for me :man_shrugging:t4:oh well

Ah yes I remember why I left now.


Site still loads for me. For now. I haven’t logged on in a while, but just for nostalgia’s sake…

BTW I know I’ve written more posts from the old pre-CBS days, but letting it go…


Does anyone have any idea how to save one’s content there?

And so much of that needs preserved. TonyC’s SGV roamings were just one of many standouts. Chandavkl’s SGV visits were another. So many…


One comment I read is that much of the content is at archive.org. Not sure how easy it is or isn’t to find specific content though. Back in the day I did save some of my favorite posts contemporaneously though I’m not quite sure if I could locate them quickly.

Per the note about postponing the shutdown, people are trying to archive the content.

Lots of stuff I posted on Chowhound has been unfindable since the 2015 wood-chipper makeover. It’s not in the Wayback Machine, either.

I really don’t get the tears and gnashing of teeth over this. Chowhound became a corporate parody of its original self many years ago. Isn’t that why most of us came here?


There was a lot of good content on CH before the corporate entities took it over. I just wanna be able to retrieve my old photos before they 86 the site, for pete’s sake.


CNET was responsible for adding support for uploading photos.

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It is a shame when websites like that get ruined. The same thing has happened to roadfood.com, and is happening to seriouseats. Roadfood was such a valuable resource. Using it I found a Korean lunch spot in small town Nebraska, and a great Basque restaurant in Winnemucca, NV, among many other spots. Now it is useless.


I feel ya, my friend…


clearly nostalgia isn’t what it used to be, but then each person’s motivations for using CH & FTC are overdetermined. there are some FTCers who’ve initiated new threads because they consider FTC pre-pandemic posts to be obsolete. i imagine that those who feel that way would have little enthusiasm for archiving CH content. while some content might be worth archiving, there was enough drama & clique-ish behavior that should probably get buried forever - and not everyone is going to agree which is which.

I think Melanie Wong was working on moving the data over.

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