Kendall's Brasserie

Went here last night prior to “Ma Rainey.” The food was good (onion soup, broccoli soup, salmon, skate, cocktails). The service was very shakey. One soup was forgotten. Entrees were slow coming from the kitchen. But service recovery was very good. One free soup. One free glass of Sancerre. An apology. Interestingly, I could hear similar apologies and freebies at other nearby tables. Is it the pressure of serving so many pre-show, pre-Biden event?
“Ma Rainey” btw was excellent–no apologies required.

Thanks for the report. I had looked at hold a large event there once many (~9) yrs ago. When I did some research, I recall reading reviews (don’t remember where!) that the food was bad but that the service was good. Glad to hear the food is at least respectable (and that they try to make up for errors)… I assume that the probs aren’t just limited to high profile events, though. :frowning:

It’s a parasite.

But for the largess of the captive audience of Dorothy Chandler and unwitting jurors of LA Superior Court, it would die the death it deserves.

With all respect, I beg to differ. I found the food at Kendall’s as good as if not better than that at Cafe Pinot. I do believe patrons pay a 10-15% premium here for the food given the proximity to the courthouse and the Music Center. However, I think that would be the case at any establishment in this location. I can’t recall the name but I seem to recall an inferior eatery in Kendall’s spot previously. I also recall some over-priced buffet at something called Pavillions (?) located higher up in the complex. So all in all I’d say Kendall’s is a culinary improvement.

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